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Callers are being cut off when my line is busy

I have just switched to the new VoIP system and everything seems to be working well from my point of view. However, callers are reporting that they just get cut off when my line is busy. No engaged tone, no automated message - just two rings and then...

savik2 by Up to speed
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extend number of rings

my landline phone on your rings five times before going to answerphone. Is it possible for you to extend it to at least 10. The phone is plugged into wall socket.I am disabled and find it incredibly difficult to get to the phone before the call goes ...

brierlj1 by Joining in
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No phone line

I have just been told by the helpline the following reason that our phone line has been dead since last Wednesday. As we are leaving Virgin and porting our landline number to the new provider the phone will no longer work and will take 14 days to tra...

Incoming calls on Landline Not Registering, Outgoing OK

My landline is from a Virgin socket, not a Hub.  Been working fine for years using Gigaset phones. Now, when ringing in to the line the caller hears the ringing tone but handsets do not ring or show any details.  After a few seconds the handset flash...

Hantsman by Joining in
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Elderly father's phone cut off with no notice or communication

I am aware of the switchover causing issues, however I assumed that my father would receive communication to let him know about his options, he has no internet and relies on letters and calls to update him, he has received nothing.He has also had the...

Em5 by Joining in
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Switch to fibre phone

My home phase was due to switch to fibre today. I followed the instructions with the adaptor but nothing has happened. I've rebooted the hub several times but the overview status page on the hub still says "Telephony (Disabled)" and the phone has no ...

RBS by Joining in
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Having to put area code for local calls

For some reason dialling local calls all I have is a message that this number is incorrect, I now have to put the area code in just like a mobile but any other numbers national or mobile are ok

cuz by Tuning in
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When dialing certain numbers I get silence or enaged tone, even though the other person isn’t on the phone 

landline switch over, need an engineer booking

Ok, so, email today saying we are being switched over in March 2024.Currently, our hub is at one end of the room, and our landline socket at the other, so basically they are not 'near' each other for the swap over, and, we have an upstairs phone fed ...

HughJarsse by Knows their stuff
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