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Turn off landline voicemail

Could you please turn off my landline voicemail as I can't get to the phone before if kicks in and I am missing calls.

Resolved! Porting landline number

Frustrations about porting a VM landline number from one account to another at one same address - any help welcomed with much gratitude!The story so far:My son had a VM account here at my address for broadband and landline. He's moved out and had arr...

jeh112 by Joining in
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Resolved! add another base/answerphone to the setup sincechangeover

Hi, I have a BT4600 Base/answer machine and 3 extensions.Recently Virgin changed the phones to broadband and so I must have the Base next to the Router which is upstairs.I also now have an emergency phone supplied by Virgin in case the BB goes down p...

Teekay2 by On our wavelength
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Technical Support for Home Phone

Since switching my home phone to the router all my caller IDs when I ring someone it comes in as UNKNOWN so most people assume it's an incoming junk call and don't answer it. I didn't request it.I tried to contact VM but the phone contact number only...

BT number port, no messages about it?

HiNew customer who switched over from BT about two weeks ago, broadband is up and apparently have a new VM phone number(is this normal for a port?) but have had no messages about the porting of my BT number. And yes it still works. How do I find out ...

svt125 by Joining in
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Check phone line

Despite going through all the advice online my landline still says Check phone line. All the status updates seem fine and I keep going in circles on the website about how to get this fixed!

Sh8 by Joining in
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digital switchover - advice on suitable new phones please

Our digital switchover will be completing soon. We have already had the adaptor put into our hub and decided we'd rather buy new phones to use, because getting virgin to get us ready would involve too much work - moving out bookcases, drilling throug...

Incoming international call blocked.

HiA German friend messaged us to say when she tried to phone us on our (digital) landline she got a message saying international calls to our number were blocked.We have friends and relatives abroad so we have no wish to block their calls.Thanks for ...

Resolved! Switch to fibre network

My technical skills are zero. Can you explain simply please. There is a box outside my house. A wire runs down the side of the house and into the lounge where I have my TV and broadband. Another wire runs round the front of the house, round the hall ...

Alex122 by Joining in
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Landline issue - the person I call can’t hear me

Hello, I am having the same problem as above.  I can receive calls fine; both parties can be heard. I can phone and be heard on my mobile.  But, when I ring a landline I can hear the person I have called but they cannot hear me.  It started happening...