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Number porting query

Is there any reason why I wouldn't be able to port in a landline number from BT to Virgin Media while I am midway through my contract rather than a new customer? If not, is there any chance that forum staff could drop me a quick message to help me ou...

Koda by Up to speed
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fibre phone line

I have a hands free set with extra hand set upstairs. I assume i will plug base station into router vai adapter to be supplied and both hand sets will work. But we also Have a wired extension in the kitchen will this also work or is it best to purcha...

Landline no longer works

I have had my service ported over to VoIP - Virgin sent me a dongle, however the presentation on my phone socket is RJ11, so the dongle is useless. The phone I am using is a Motorola Axh01 unit - it worked fine until my service swapped over. I remove...

subwax by Joining in
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Home phone not working

Is 150 no longer used to contact Virgin media? My home phone has been mostly dead for the past week.The website takes you round in  a loop - useless.The automatic fault checker says all is OK - not true.

LHouston by Joining in
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Opt out of fibre pphone upgrade

Is it possible to opt out of the upgrade ? My father in law is nearly 90, and constantly unplugs his router, so don't want to upgrade.Can he opt out?

tucker61 by On our wavelength
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Landline - need adaptor for socket

The new adaptor for our honephone does not fit tge wall socket. Can uou send an adaptor, please? Thank you.     [MOD EDIT: Subject title changed for clarity]

Dmason by Joining in
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New fibre phone

I’m confused about the new fibre phone. Do I have to move my phone from the room it’s in & position it next to my hub? Will the phone have to sit plugged into the hub with a wire, constantly, & have to stay there? I don’t have a phone socket in the r...

Lemok by Joining in
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Incoming call problem

We can make calls but can only receive calls from virgin media landlines. All other calls just hear a dead tone 

catht46 by Joining in
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Resolved! Plug old phone into modem

Can I plug my phone into the modem instead of the wall? I tried to do this but the connection does not fit. Is there supposed to be an adapter?