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Finding my landline number

Can anyone help i don't know the number of my landline i have my account number but i cannot work out which numbers in the account number is my landline phone number, i haven't got a phone plugged in at the moment but i just want to work out whish nu...

Zoey1974 by Joining in
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Resolved! Phoneline down since last sunday

My elderly dad is having issues with his phoneline , it's been off since last Sunday there is no Dail tone , he relies on the phone on a day to day basis,  are there any problems in the s61 area of Rotherham thank you  


Resolved! Port landline number

Why does it take upto 8 days to port an landline number when I’m changing from virgin business to the domestic offerings?

My home phone has gone

I tried to use my home phone this morning and got no dial tone, so I called customer services on my mobile. After some back and forth with the agent she told me that she could not find my home phone number on my account. It turns out that I have now ...

PeterRay by Joining in
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Resolved! Landline changes to digital

I have had a new part sent to me to plug my landline into the hub but these are in totally different parts of the house so making this action impossible. When I rang to try to sort it out I was told that I would be charges £25 to do this and yet the ...

Landline switchover

My postcode is wd18 0hw. When is my switchover date? Can I get help if i need it?

Stella7 by Joining in
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Thank you to a technician

Feedback to technician 14269 thank for helping you been very kind if anyone who can relay back to him that would be great 

sandelben by On our wavelength
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Fibre phone letter not received

We received our adapter and were told we,d receive a letter to tell us when to change over - but we haven’t received a letter yet?

Rotian11 by Joining in
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Need an adaptor

Just noticed my home phone says Check phone line and I have no dial tone.   I have been reading about switchover, but I haven't received a letter, and email or an adaptor.   Checked all the information on the website, but I have no idea if my phone l...