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Booking a technician to change to fibre network

My parents are in their 90s and have tried phoning to book a technician, the queue is very long.  I have also tried ringing but got the same.Now my parents have no home phone line which is a bit concerning if there was an emergency.Is there a way I c...

Janemel by Joining in
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Landline a bit dead

Good Sunday lunchtime to you.No dial tone to be had on either of my sockets, both wired handsets tried in both sockets - now only have a single handset plugged into the master (if that's what they're still called in VM land) socket. Awaiting a wee te...

sjp123 by Problem sorter
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Resolved! city fibre vs VirginMedia

I am a long standing VirginMedia customer and I assume I am already getting the best fibre optic service available. However, City Fibre recently dug up our street to lay their fibre optic cables and now everyone has been 'invited' by letter to 'conne...

Resolved! Landline

Hi my landline doesn’t appear to be working it says my line is ok, I changed my phone got new ones but still the same I cannot received or make calls, I have tried to phone virgin on my mobile phone but it’s hard to get throughout 

Gibbs62 by Joining in
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Resolved! landline telephone

my landline has not been function for the last three days. I have reported the problem using my neighbour's phone who is also a Virgin Media customer. Still my landline remains inactive. Can anyone help ?

pacsoo by Joining in
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Resolved! Been to customer service phone line but internet is still slow

Having issues with broadband speed .I have spoken to VM customer services who advised me to restart the router (which I had done many times before  .) We restarted the VM box for the Tv too.The internet was still slow but because it joined eventually...

Resolved! How do I call you re fibrephone phone switchover

Very basic question - your letter and your website say to call you if we have other things attached - so I've wandered around the options on 150 and still haven't worked out which options to press to talk to the right people.  What is the answer - an...

Cywol by Tuning in
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Unable to reply to text for more infomation

I have received a text message asking for further information regarding porting my old phone number to virgin. But cannot send the reply to start the chat. Normal text messages are workings 

Retties by Joining in
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Resolved! Land line calls

The caller display on my landline shows “no number” numerous times day and night. . The phone does not ring. This has only started since the line was digitised. 

Annie83 by Tuning in
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