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Phantom Calls billed

same issue every month, spend ages on chats & calls then promised credits when it is agreed it is a "glitch", then the same next month, i am not happy at all - 20 years a customer....After i 1st complained i got a credit the following month, when i c...

Shinymatt by On our wavelength
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Resolved! Landline switching suspended

I was notified earlier in the year that VM were migrating my home phone from twin copper wire to VOIP and the switchover was scheduled for 23-24th January. I received a text message this morning to say the switchover has been suspended for the forese...

Can't receive calls from SKY mobile

I recently transferred from SKY to virgin media. Between them they managed to cockup transferring my landline number. With the help of Daniel_Et it was eventually sorted out. That was on 8th Jan. I can now make and receive calls on that number. Howev...

Grahammc by Tuning in
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Landline issue

HelloMy landline isn’t working correctly. All inbound calls goes straight to voicemail without the phone ringing and I cannot access my voicemail.Can anyone help with this on how this can be fixed?ThanksOkazim

Okazim by Joining in
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Resolved! Landline Issue

Hello,My landline hasn’t been working correctly for a while. All inbound calls goes straight to voicemail without the phone ringing and I cannot access my voicemail either.it’s getting frustrating now as this has been an issue for some time.is it pos...

Okazim by Joining in
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Poor VOIP Service

 I am increasingly getting frustrated by the continuous lack of a reliable phone service at my parents property.Since changing to digital, the phone regularly either fails to work, or cuts during conversation.  My elderly parents who are not in good ...

Resolved! Ex directory

Please could someone advise me how to remove landline telephone number from BT phonebook and the Virgin directory, making it a ex-directory number

Digital switchover hub

How do I order a new hub for the digital switchover. Im going round in circles when I phone 150.

Xerxes2 by Just joined
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Usage charges to my own mobile

My 81 year old Mum has been charged the following for two calls to a mobile number, her own:Sat 02 Dec 15:33 MOBILE xxxx 120:00 £12.00Sat 02 Dec 17:33 MOBILE xxxx 170:00 £22.00She had misplaced her mobile, rung it from her landline to try and find it...

MgtBob by Joining in
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