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Home Phone switch

 Re the impending switch. I am unable to connect my landline phone socket to my Hub 3 as it is in another room 3 rooms away from my Hubo. How can I solve this problem?

rafg431 by On our wavelength
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Resolved! Landline phone dead

Hi,I've now had no landline phone for over a week. I've done all the checks and even bought a new landline phone but still nothing. Think I need an engineer.Please help    

Porting BT number to Virgin

HiI am very disappointed in the service provided by Virgin Media.I am a new customer to VM and I bought broadband + landline. I wanted to keep my old BT landline number, and I ticked the box when buying the products.I cancelled my BT contract and mad...

Ron94 by Joining in
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Please increase the number of rings before 1571 kicks in

Hi virginmedia,I have now rung 150 at least 3 times to ask for the number of rings before voicemail kicks in to be  increased to 10, and each time i have been told it's been done but it remains at 5!! I do not have good mobility and cannot get to the...

Moving Landline from Business to Business - HELP!!!

Brief outline - due to Covid, and lack of footfall, I closed my businesses showroom down and moved the business to home. I am keeping a business broadband and phone at home, so I am simply changing business to business..Apparently Porting my number c...

ShocF by Joining in
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No dial tone on landline

No dial tone on landline for several hours now. Please help!  Virgin media app states no issues but it’s not working

Mike_R3 by Tuning in
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Resolved! Landline change to Fibre

I have read several queries about this in the Forum, most of which have been helpful & relevant but have not fully answered my questions.I have been given a changeover date of 3 November and I believe I will need a technician visit as my landline pho...

Broken phone wall socket

My dog has chewed the phone wall socket and rather than get it repaired, I was wondering if anyone could tell me if VOIP (CV21) is available in Area 04 so I can plug the phone directly into my hub.

benks65 by Joining in
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No fiber cable in my flat, neighbors have VM though

HiSo, I received my VM package a month ago and I had to get the engineer to set it up. Upon inspection, he told me the house doesn't have a fiber cable running through. Some of the neighbors do have VM services. Since this is a separate building and ...