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Get rid of Temp Phone number after Contract Change

We Decided to downgrade our contract to just Broadband in these expensive timesSo Tivo & Phone were disconnectedHowever a few days later we decided to go back to our package from before as were offered a better dealTivo was instantly backHowever been...

MRM3 by Tuning in
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I’ve had a virgin landline for a long time. It’s never been the best with cracking but not always, more often when the weather is bad. In the past engineers have changed the connectors. Just when I think it’s maybe sorted bad weather and crackles ret...

markandp by Joining in
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Home Phone usage

Hi,We currently have a Virgin Media phone line, with the 'Talk More Anytime' calls package.I'm trying to decide whether this is of benefit to us, or whether we'd be better off paying for calls. Is there any way to find out how many and what duration ...

Landlines not working in Fleet GU51

Several of us have lost our landlines in the last 24 hours (last calls were then) - when calling them from mobiles it reports that "number not recognised"

Arboreal by On our wavelength
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Landline connected through hub

After problems with my landline it was connected through my hub. This now means I have no phone if there is a power cut.  Is there a way I can make an emergency call during a power cut? 

oldieme by Joining in
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Landline Number Porting progress?

HiGot fibre installed yesterday and the engineer asked if we wanted to keep our number.  He suggested that this may take 5-7 days.  Is there any way of tracking progress? Frustratingly the other contract renews on the 6th Jan and I'd like to cancel b...

Phone Line - Switchover and Distance

Hi all! Since the landline socket service has been dead, I have been using the hub for my landline services, However, the issue is the hub is in the loft, and I am not getting any landline service on the ground floor, if I do, it is a very bad line. ...

Aaron1231 by On our wavelength
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Docsis Emergency Backup line

My father in law has been given an emergency backup line after being converted over from a normal phone line to a Docsis line. He has an emergency lifeline button in case of falls which does not work on the backup line, he gets recorded message stati...

Snowy43 by Joining in
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Landline not working

No dial tone. Have checked connections. No problems according to service status.Any help appreciated please?

singleg by On our wavelength
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No dial tone

My Virgin Landline has no dial tone. I have brought a new phone but just discovered today that it is not working. Both hand sets are ok and the connection into the wall socket is clicked into place securely.