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Re home phone changer

What happens to an elderly relative Who has virgin TV and landline, but no broadband service? Can they still have a home phone when these changes are brought in?

Landline not working

My landline has not been working for the last two days. There is no dial tone, just a crackling noise. I have done all the checks advised on the website and even bought a new phone to make sure this isn't the problem. There are no signal problems in ...

Mazmo1 by Joining in
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Keeping my current phone connections after fibre

My Router is in my garage the virgin cable also come into my garage to a box and all cables are then taken to my phone, router. and V6 box virgin engineers took the phone cable from that box and took the cable around the house to my hall and put a st...

Fibre phone adapter missing

HiI received a letter asking me to switch over to a fibre home phone line, so I rang and was advised I need a new router. That arrived last week and is all set up, but the installation instructions talk about an adapter to plug my phone in. There was...

how do i find my land line number?

why is vm so hard to get information first. So my handset isn't compatible with vm and neither is vm coverage in my house first day onboard nothing works. looks like i got to pay more money to get bb signal even 6 ft away from the router.  so where d...

Fluffy78 by Joining in
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Resolved! Switch telephone landline to Hub 3 digital

Hi,i wish to use my analogue landline phone with my Hub3 router rather than via the wall socket. This is due to interference on the line. I have an adapter for the phone that fits either of the two telephone sockets on the back of the router. The rou...

Resolved! How long to port landline number over

Hi I’ve joined Virginmedia again after a 5 year break from them(had been a cable subscriber for nearly 20 years plus but retention customer service were terrible at that time) I would like to know how long does it take to port my previous phone numbe...

Bally1 by Tuning in
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Telephone migration with existing Hub 3.0

I have received a letter this morning telling me that VM need to replace my existing Hub for the telephony switchover to VoIP.As I have a Hub 3.0 and use it exclusively in MODEM mode. Do VM really need to swap out my Hub? Apart from the expense to VM...

Wendolene by On our wavelength
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