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Home phone change to fibre

Like many others I received a letter asking me ti contact virginmedia to arrange delivery of new hub. Tried 150. Person I spoke to didn't know anything about it bur eventually said if he arranged it it would be chargeable. Use Internet it is free. Ca...

Jock4 by Joining in
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Just received an email stating the switchover. My phone is not in the same room as my hub and I don't like the idea of having wire everywhere, how do I cancel my phone line ?

reub777 by On our wavelength
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Fibre switchover date confusion

I recently received an email that stated "On 03 April your home phone service will be switched from the traditional phone line over to our fibre network."A little further down the email it stated "After 18 February you will only be able to receive in...

Phone number - keeping old number

I’m also having this issue. Transferred from Virgin within the same home (moved into my mums old house) to virgin and wanted to keep the number. It’s been 2 weeks still not reverted to the old number. Help please!     [MOD EDIT: Post split to create ...

LauraF94 by Joining in
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landline and mobile dead

I reported our landline went dead mid-call on Saturday and was on here from 3-7 pm when, after waiting an hour for a message back, I gave up. We still have NO landline and NO mobile phone service. Virgin online says 'no fault'. We are registered as V...

mia7 by Joining in
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Fibre optic migration and home security

Hi,I would like to have confirmation about the right order; the VM engineer should make the change to fibre optic before we get an ADT security technician to make their change to the security system? The other way around it would cause problems?thank...

Resolved! Landline compensation

My landline didn’t work correctly from the 22nd November until the 10th January 2023, I was told that I would get automatic compensation but still waiting, this really is a joke, I have just had a bill again but no compensation. Fed up with Virgin, I...

Fedup74 by Tuning in
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Landline and Careline not working. Need help.

My landline is not working so my careline will not work either. I spoke to Virgin tech who said an engineer would come out on 24 Feb. That's 5 days away! I said I am on the Priority Register as I am disabled and housebound so he said he would arrange...

old number hasn't been kept

Hi there I moved to Virgin over 2 months ago.  Keeping my old number was part of my order, which was active with sky when the switch happened Would appreciate a PM so we can resolve ThanksRick 

Rickc96 by Joining in
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