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Resolved! cant make or receive calls

help please i can see lots of others having the same issue, yesterday(saturday 3rd dec) i attempted to get in touch via the webchat thingy on the right side of the virgin page, toni bot asked its questions and i did the usual etc so then it said it w...

Link to report issues

Is there a direct link to report issues? Status Checker always says things are fine when there is an issue, and the ability to run actual tests seems to have been removed from both the app and website. Have tried all checks and have confirmed the iss...

Stop Scam calls

Can someone please remind me how to stop new telephone callers (i.e. not on our current Contacts list) from getting directly through?In other words, they have to say who they are and then we decide whether to accept or reject the phone call.Had this ...

NikosP by Joining in
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Landline voicemail

As some stage we seem to have 'gained' voicemail on our Virgin Media landline and we would like to disable it/turn it off. Any advice on how to do that would be appreciated. 

HB39CW by Joining in
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6 days without incoming calls - phone barely rings and then cuts off whilst talking after 10 secs. 150 state engineers are working on the issue. 

Susan65 by Joining in
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My landline phone is not working

Since 20.30 last night my landline phone has been completely dead. I can't ring 150 for help with this as i don't have a mobile. How can go about getting this fixed?Thanks 

Technician Appointment

I called 150 last night about issue with changeover to fibre.  Was told an appointment  with a technician was being made for the issue to be sorted. The appointment would be sent by either text or email within 4 hours.  I haven’t received anything.  ...

pat1712 by Joining in
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Landline stopped working

My landline has stopped working for 3 days in Liverpool area . I have tried different phones and no dial tone. My mobile reception is terrible at home. I need my landline as I’m working from home and also have health conditions. No way of contacting ...

KarenM76 by Joining in
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