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Can we get landline without calls package on M125 broadband?

Does M125 broadband include landline phone service? Website only shows two options: Broadband Only (with no mention in details of any phone service) & Call Packages. We want neither. We just want the M125 inc landline, where any calls would be charge...

Mergin by Joining in
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Re: Landline keeps cutting off after 15 minutes!

I am having the same issue as Tarquinisme, after about 15 minutes, my phone drops the connection. It has only started to do this recently.I use a Panasonic KX-TGJ420E phone, it says it is DECT in the manual and is powered because it has a built in an...

foggy69 by Joining in
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Static noise on the landline

For the past week, my phone landline has been unusable due to static noise/crackling.I have checked all the cabling to and from the wall socket. I even bought a basic phone to check that it wasn't my normal phone giving up the ghost.I can't call 150 ...

zeno_swe by Joining in
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Digital Phone Line

My parents have been moved to the new digital line as they were having issues with the old copper cable, but this means they have now lost the extension to the upstairs of the house.Can anyone advise if they need an adaptor or the best phones to use ...

StormW by Joining in
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Dead landline

My landline has been dead for a week. Cannot get thru on mobile denied access. 2nd time this has happened. With Virgin showing no problems, but it was virgin. wn2 area

Geegie by Joining in
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Landline access

When we dial some of our contacts, we get a voice saying "this number is temporarilly unavailable". This occurs only on some numbers in different exchanges. Those same numbers ring out OK if we call them from a mobile. For example, this happens on nu...

goosea by Joining in
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Porting a landline

I am leaving virgin and would like to port my landline to a new provider just for incoming calls as that is what it is usually used for. The number is still active.I have been told that as it has been over a month the new provider will not port it.Ca...

soong- by Tuning in
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Resolved! Land line not working

Tried to ring an 0800 number to my bank on my landline (via the router) and received a message "sorry, this number is temporarily unavailable".  Ringing the same number on my mobile and was connected straight away.  Tried a local STD number to a fami...

NigelJB by Tuning in
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Home Phone Fault - Information

Thought I should add my tuppence worth.Our phone became faulty on Friday. Calling out we were met with - 'This number is currently unavailable' Incoming calls couldn't get through. Spookily it seemed if we were calling another Virgin Media line it wo...

s9750 by On our wavelength
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Landline caller display and spoofed calls?

A few months back our landline stopped working. I suspect we had been switched to the fibre side without notification and they were "fixing" the issue based on calls. The "fix" was a simple matter of swapping phone base-stations around, plugging into...

marfie by On our wavelength
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