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Landline not working

I'm a fairly new customer, my landline isn't working. I've checked the handsets and connection sockets. Broadband and TV are working ok. The telephone display says Check Phone Line

VoIP Landline broken

Hi, I have virgin gig1 and anytime calls. I added anytime calls onto the account about a week ago and we've had nonstop issues. Incoming calls are fine but when calling out, the number dials, but then the line goes dead and then a tone plays (hang up...

DT2004 by Joining in
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Landline issues

We have an alarm, every time there is a power cut or someone accidentally turns the plug off at the wall, it disconnects the phone line and sets the burglar alarm off. Obviously this has only been happening since the phone line has been connected to ...

smf412 by Tuning in
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Home phone issues!!!!

Hi, I'm unable to call mobile numbers from my virgin media landline (it's connected to the Hub 5).I have complained about this for well over a month and nothing has been done and it's pathetic. I've made a post on the community forum and I got ignore...

DT2004 by Joining in
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Phone adapter not received in time for change

I have not received an adapter yet ready for tomorrow change over and if it does not come in time i will lose the phone again on the 5th it has taken me 3 days to get my phone put back on and i don't really want to go through all that again,shall i r...

cagzy by Joining in
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Phone line not working

Hi I'm asking on behalf of my father he has no phone line we have tried differnt phones and still nothing it says the phone number is not in service when you ring it .

Jy051187 by Tuning in
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Landline not working

Good AfternoonNo dial tone,checked all the sockets and all connected. Broadband is fine. No Number to call,no webchat available,so this seems like the only other option.Thanks  

MAR3 by Joining in
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Resolved! Landline phone number

Just been connected to Virgin. Everything is up and running but how do I access my new landline phone number..I have virgin landline with no number

Phone line disconnected

My phone line has been disconnected for nearly 4 weeks. Virgin sent me an email detailing i would be switched over from land line to voip which i deleted in error. Reported the fault and the sent me a new Hub 3 which never came with the phone cable o...

Landline not ringing after number ported over

I've just had my landline number ported over. I can ring out, all ok but when the number is rung, the landline will not ring in the house. It rang before with the VM number I was given before the port. Any ideas please