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Nuisance Sales Calls from Virginmedia

I am getting several calls a day from Virginmedia. If I answer the phone I just hear a tone like the call has hung up. If I call the number I just get a recording saying that Virginmedia will call again. How do I stop these calls?I was exploring the ...

gabnash by Joining in
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Landline changes

My elderly mother does not use the Internet, how will she be able to use her landline 

LisaC17 by Joining in
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Do I need to

I don't use or have a landline phone, do I still have to connect the adaptor?

E1974 by Settling in
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Ported landline to VodaFone

Hi, I've been connected to VodaFone fibre BB.  They have ported my landline number from VM to VF.  The line works and I can dial out, but no one can ring in.  It 'seems' as if VM haven't fully released my number?  Has anyone had experience of this?  ...

thevines by Tuning in
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Change Phone package from Weekend chatter to Anytime chatter

Hello,How long should it take to change phone package from Weekend chatter to Anytime chatter?  I ordered the change on the website but then got an email giving an estimated "installation" date of a week later!Does it really take a week just for them...


With reference to my previous message, not sure I pressed send.Not yet received my adapter which I will require for the 14th April 2023.You can purchase these adapters on line for less than £5, are these the same as the ones that Virgin are sending o...

322967 by Tuning in
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Resolved! Adaptor

Set up phone adapter on 14th April 2023.Not yet received adaptor, is it coming soonThanksJohn.

322967 by Tuning in
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Landline not receiving calls or allowing outgoing calls

The Landline has not been working since Sunday 26th March 2023. There is no dial tone, there is no sound when a call is being made to the landline or when we try to make outgoing calls. When we check the service status it says there is an issue with ...