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Virgin are refusing to fix my Landline

Hi. My landline broke this week but Virgin are refusing to fix it and are demanding a move to internet phone which I do not want. Why won’t they just fix it. 

BM11 by Tuning in
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Wrong Time on Handset since moving to Digital Voice

Since moving to digital voice 2 weeks ago when we set the correct time on the BT digital handset when a call comes in it sets the handset phone 1 hour in front.When you change it back and get another call it reverts back to 1 hour in front again thei...

TAZMANUK by Knows their stuff
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Failure to support an elderly customer

Hi Virgin,My mother is 87, had her phone damaged by a Virgin engineer fixing someone else's phone, was told it would be a week before anyone could fix it...and today, your engineers failed to show. As a result she still has no landline and currently ...

Rita66 by Joining in
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no dial tone, callers hear engaged tone

Complete silence and no dial tone. Issue started today - 1st Apr 24. Callers are directed straight to voicemail. Can’t callout so how do we get this fixed?

Dutyskirt by On our wavelength
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Phone call list

Hello,I have looked all over the rather difficult site in connection to my account and cannot find a list of phone calls made by landline.Is it the case Virgin does not provide this or have I missed this?I mean charged calls and non charged calls.My ...

M_2 by Tuning in
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No dial tone

Hi, I don't have a dial tone at all, I've tried a new handset but still completely nothing. It's connected to the router directly.

victor62 by Joining in
  • 7 replies
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Lack of Communication regarding switchover

Had an email saying migration to digital home phone was cancelled until further notice 25th jan 2024, original date was 11th march 2024, not had an email since saying it was happening, fast forward to today 30th march and while on the phone it sudden...

nuttyslack by On our wavelength
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Resolved! Landline Dead

My landline stopped working over a week ago for no apparent reason. It is saying 'please check phone connection'. I am connected through the connection box on the wall that NTL installed. I have checked all cables with no success and your Web checks ...