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Resolved! Switch to fibre phone

Hi,I've received an SMS message saying I will be switched to the fibre phone on the 11th May and I would be sent an adapter to connect to my hub.I also received a letter saying I needed to contact Virgin Media to arrange for delivery of a new WiFi Hu...

ndmoses by Joining in
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Switch over day! Line is dead…

Switch over day has arrived for us and the hubs gui says telephony is ready, great I thought. The problem is that the new line is completely dead and the old analogue line is still active. I tried two different phones and two different adapters to co...

risc19 by Well-informed
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How do I transfer a landline number to an existing account

My elderly mother has a landline/broadband contract with John Lewis (Plusnet), and a TV/broadband/landline package from Virgin, so she's paying twice for broadband and landline.The John Lewis landline is her main number, and she has never used the Vi...

mb204796 by Joining in
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Resolved! Phone Extensions Switchover

HiChange is inevitable except from vending machines.Just received the adaptor in the post.When we went from BT to cable many years ago, Cable and Wireless hard wired the phones into the same box that has the coax for the Hub and Set Top Box.We have a...


Permanently withold landline number

Hello there,Is there a way to permanently withold my landline number?I work from home and the office I work for is in a different part of the country. The landline in my home office is only used for work but I don't want the company clients seeing th...

AjayTom by Joining in
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Landline not ringing (but calls do come through?)

Hello everyone,incoming calls never make my landline phone ring. I tried 3 different phones, and I have the same problem with all of them (so it's not the phone).If I know someone is trying to call and I pick up, I can talk to them! So the call is co...

Phone adaptor

Hi, I haven't received a phone adaptor yet to connect phone to hub 5 - required by 9th May 2023 thanks

JR7 by Joining in
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Resolved! Still no landline

Hi,I spoke to someone on here last week about my landline not working. They informed me a fault had been raised in the system and it would be staged to the relevant team. I've since heard nothing and my landline still isn't working. Would it be possi...

ft2118 by Joining in
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Phone Switch

My phone is switching to be run off router on May 18th. My phone is downstairs my router upstairs, can I get router moved FOC asap please ? 

davef28 by Joining in
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