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Resolved! Cannot Update Landline Number in Account Details

I'm back with Virgin Media after a 2 year spell with Vodafone. (Sadly, I'll probably be leaving again after 18 months, when the monthly cost for my >200 Mbps service is forecast to rise from an average of £18.40 to £57.00!) Surprisingly, my old forum...

Paul_Moran by On our wavelength
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Resolved! Home phone switch

I’m due to switch over to fibre end June. I can move my phone to where the hub is but am not able to move my telephone line cord as it is ‘trapped’ under the floor. Any ideas if or where I can get a replacement cord? It’s an old phone which Philips d...

Anne9 by Tuning in
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Home Phone Fibre Switch Advice

Greeting, I've just got my date for the swap and its in a couple of months, so am trying to work out what is best to do and am looking of experiences and or advice.Like many, my router (upstairs) and my main home phone are on different floors but bot...

sounds by Dialled in
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Landline to landline calls drop out

If I phone some landlines from my VM landline the call drops, i.e. we suddenly can't hear eachother. This can be after a few minutes or a few seconds.  But this only happens on outgoing calls to landlines.I get the problem when I use another phone, s...

1m95 by Joining in
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Resolved! Fibre phone changeover

Hi, I believe I need to book a technician as our hub is in an upstairs room but our phone is downstairs. I have looked online but no luck there and I can’t get through on the phone. Can someone help please.

RFB by Tuning in
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Landline Not ported from Sky

Hi I've recently moved from Sky to Virgin but am still waiting for my landline number to be ported across. According to the documentation I received, it could take 10 days which has now passed. Please can I have an update as where this process is up ...

No dial tone landline

Hi, I have no dialing tone on VM home landline. I've tried using Virgin Status but that says everything is fine. I need my phone for calls from medical professionals regarding health problems.What do I do now? Thanks for looking. 

Resolved! Switch to fibre phone

Hi,I've received an SMS message saying I will be switched to the fibre phone on the 11th May and I would be sent an adapter to connect to my hub.I also received a letter saying I needed to contact Virgin Media to arrange for delivery of a new WiFi Hu...

ndmoses by Joining in
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How do I transfer a landline number to an existing account

My elderly mother has a landline/broadband contract with John Lewis (Plusnet), and a TV/broadband/landline package from Virgin, so she's paying twice for broadband and landline.The John Lewis landline is her main number, and she has never used the Vi...

mb204796 by Joining in
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