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No phone line. 8 June ongoing

Can someone help me.  Recently Virgin carried out some work around the Rossendale area (Wednesday I think).Now we have no phone line.  Can't make calls, can't receive them.  It was working fine the other day.  Can someone from Virgin contact me on he...

Mr_Happy by On our wavelength
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Can't respond to text message about Number Port

Hi,I have recently signed up to Virgin media and have recieved a text from 07445576718 about transferring my home phone number.It asks me to reply to the text with CHAT, but when I try this the message fails to send. I don't have issues with sending ...

Switch over day! Line is dead…

Switch over day has arrived for us and the hubs gui says telephony is ready, great I thought. The problem is that the new line is completely dead and the old analogue line is still active. I tried two different phones and two different adapters to co...

risc19 by Well-informed
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Switching home phone

We have been on holiday and come back to no landline due to the switchover to fibre! Our phone connection isn’t near the hub which is at the back of the house, to connect the new device. Can you help please. 

Fiber phone switch over date?

Help. I've recently been sent a adaptor to plug into the back of my VM hub to switch my landline over. But nowhere does it give me a date it's happing. I'm in a Eh530rj postcode with a 01506 number in Scotland Livingston. 

Bigsipie by Joining in
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Plug Phone into Tivo ? Additional home hub ?

HiIt's simply not going to be possible for me to plug my current phone into my virgin supplied router/home hub due to the locations of both. I do however have your rebranded tivo, is there a an option to plug my phone into that instead ? Or can you p...

Dalek by Joining in
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Resolved! New phone adaptor and extensions available

Hi therei am due to plug in the new phone adaptor for fibre phone, my problem is that the hub is in my loft and my phone is in my living room, I can’t move the hum so is there an extension available that I can use to connect them

John572 by Joining in
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Landline switch to IP

Hello all! New user, so excuse the long message. not sure if this question has been answered, but been told our phone lines are going digital, have no choice In matter. problem I am facing, the router is on the first floor, the handset is on the grou...

Wsm1981 by Joining in
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Retaining old landline number as a new customer

We've just joined VM and requested to retain our old landline number - we can see on our VM account that have been given a new number (temporarily I presume?) but haven't been told anything about whether or when the old number will be operational? Ho...

timtara by Joining in
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