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Phone line rental adapter

Hi, I’ve been told that my phone service is going to stop working from today and been sent an adapter to plug into the back of my hub. However, my phone line is a bit far away from my hub and the wire doesn’t reach. How do I go about connecting my ho...

hanna66 by Joining in
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Loss of service - no landline, no ringtone

Hello,Loss of service - My landline has stopped working since yesterday.My home phone rang continuously for approximately 30 secs then went silent. No service or ringtone since then.MyVM app says service looks good in my area.I cannot find a way of r...

nei1t by Joining in
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Waiting in for Virgin Tech for phone switchover

Waited all afternoon today for Virgin Tech to change landline over as I need telephone system installed in house connected to the new hub no show i was text date which had answered yes to date phone up Virgin Media to find out if Tech guy was coming ...

rogerrgm by On our wavelength
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Phone fibre network

We are due to change our home phone to new system on the 30th June but will not be at home , what will we need to do 

yateman by Joining in
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21CV Documentation is wrong

Just like to call out a mistake I noticed in the documentation.URL: https://www.virginmedia.com/help/landline/switchoverSection: What if I don’t have a free socket in my Hub?This calls the connector an RJ45 connector, when it is in fact an RJ11 conne...

Telephone disabled on Hub3.0

I have recently received the hub 3  i have a cable from it to the socket in the wall. but it shows telephony disabled and there is no way to make or receive calls. Can this be enabled remotely as there is no way to do it in the customer accessible me...

tomwgf by Tuning in
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Phone not working

As from yesterday, cordless home phone not making or accepting incoming calls.  Just a low level type of "humming" noise when you pick up for a line.  Phone with answer machine constantly shows "Charging" on screen.  Could this simply be batteries (w...

Re: Switch telephone landline to Hub 3 digital

Hi does anybody know what type of socket comes out of the telephone base unit,I can't get access to my wall socket,so was looking at getting an extension to plug into the hub

impy1 by On our wavelength
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1471 not working

1471 not working, has failed a number of times before. Failure appears to occur when engineering work has been carried out.

Laserman by Joining in
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