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"Oops, you may like to check that number and try again"

We migrated the landline to digital a month ago. It worked well for a while, but now it does not recognize a saved number abroad anymore and tells me repeatedly ""Oops, you may like to check that number and try again". What can I do?

Landline cutting out

Our land line in BD2 1LJ area 14 has cut out twice today during calls. Service Status says no faults. After a few minutes dial tone resumes and calls can be resumed. I haven’t called 150 yet but are there intermittent faults like email and BB? (And T...

ianjayne by Rising star
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Line cord error. Please check

11 July 2023. Switchover from my analog home phone to Virgin Media’s ‘new PHONE system’. Was told in VM’s documentation to connect HOME phone after 09:30 hours on 11 July 2023. Connected my HOME phone at about 11:30 hours on 11 July 2023. I live in a...

DavidS3 by Tuning in
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Virgin media cable in garden

I am currently in the process of have my front garden converted into a Tarmac drive. However the Virgin media cable running from the street, small steel inspection cover to my house is not protected in conduit, the cable is only pushed under the pavi...

Tezant by Joining in
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Resolved! VOIP - relocating superhub for landline

I got the text message about VOIP switchover for VM landlines yesterday, but it is not that straight forward for me. WE have two connections from outside coming into our house with the router one in my bedroom and the landline and TV connected in the...

mhatter by On our wavelength
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Question about talk weekends

HiI currently have anytime phone plan. Recently got some better deals but with a downgrade to talk weekends.With talk weekends if people phone me during the week is there any cost involved to me? Or is it just outgoing calls that would cost me more i...

mitch84 by Fibre optic
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Number not recognised

My landline has just stopped recognising my relative's landline in Ireland. "Number not recognised" message constantly. They can ring me and others in the family can ring them no problem. Have rung them by my mobile no issues. Tried deleting and reli...

pmchugh by Tuning in
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No Landline

Tried to call on my Virgin landline this morning and was unable to call out, then tried calling my number from my mobile phone again nothing, as it was working allright yesterday I wenton line to see if Virgin where reporting a fault, but according t...

Nosiddam by Joining in
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New Telephone fibe switchover

I received a text stating that I would be sent a device to connect my landline to my router- Telephone downstairs - Router Upstairs  (which seems normal in most cases). I replied,' that as my wife has a medical need and a landline is an Essential par...