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No dial tone on my Landline phone.

Can anyone help please? I'm due to get my adapter for my hub 3, to switch over in September. I'm getting no dial tone connected to the wall sock. when people ring me it just rings there end, nothing on my end. So i cant make or receive calls. My land...

Resolved! BT8600 not working since digital switchover

I have a BT8600 digital cordless phone with a base and 2 handsetsit worked perfectly until I plugged in the adapter sent by Virgin for use post the switch from copper lines to digital lines There is now no dial tone and I cannot receive or make calls...

BT 4500 features off since 'VOIP' switchover

After several months of wasted effort I have now given up on trying to get the various useful features on our previously perfectly useable BT 4500 answer phone with twin cordless handsets to work following the move over to Virgin's version of VOIP. I...

Left my mother (88) lives on her own without a phone for 5 days.

Don't bother. They have left my mother (88) lives on her own without a phone for 5 days. They didn't contact her just cut off so they could update to digital. She can't use a mobile phone. The customer services team unfortunately cannot understand En...

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Home phone technician visit to cable up internal extensions

I've just had my homephone service switched over to the fibre network, which all went OK.I have a couple of internal extension phones so need a technician visit to re-run cabling to suit.I have been told I need to wait over a week for this.Why is thi...

Phone Migration - Relocate

Hello, so my phone service has been migrated to the all-new VOIP, and it's been an absolute nightmare. My VM hub is located in my bedroom and phone service was downstairs near the entrance of the house. Now, I've had to move the phone to the bedroom ...

Resolved! Landline to fibre conversion

Hi,I've received notification of the upgrade to fibre landline via the WiFi hub, the upgrade seems quite straight forward, however...  I have three phones connected to my existing landline, none of which are particularly close to my hub.  My question...

weekend chatter

I was on weekend talk only now on a new contract it says weekend chatter was is weekend chatter

Landline not working

My landline is not working, since Monday. I phoned virgin media, they said every thing is fine, they will keep eye for 24 hours. Wednesday I rang them again, because issues were not resolved. They told me will send some one by Thursday. Today I just ...

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