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Phone package change

I want to change my phone package to week ends and also remove my divert .I was told they cant do that and I had to ring back laterThat was after waiting ages for them to answer

edam by Joining in
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Change itemisation limit on Landline Phone Bill

I have been charged £19.16 for calls last month and I want to see a list of all calls made each month regardless of cost.There is an option shown on the website that looks like it should allow me to change the itemisation limit of the bill, but this ...

ubishere by On our wavelength
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Landline adapter

I missed the deadline to order an adapter for my landline.  Can I still get one and if so how do I order it.  There is nothing on the help pages other than to ring the usual number which just take you around in circles.  

Phone and Router not in same location

Please can I book an engineer? The Hub and phone connection are about 3 metres apart. I thought I could connect them myself but the telephone extension cable is only two core.

Loss of landline dial tone

We had a power cut in our village today and now I have no dial tone on my landline. This happened a few months ago and required an engineer visit. The fault was a blown fuse in the street box.

paulguk1 by On our wavelength
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Resolved! Landline mess.

About a week ago my land line stopped ringing, outgoing calls worked ok.  And caller display would come up briefly but no ringing.   Tried a different phone, same thing.Called VM ( on hold for 45 mins),  and was told they would send me an adapter and...

Andyc42 by Joining in
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TV and landline cable cut

Was cutting the hedge and cut through the wire, neighbours tv and landline isn't working what number do we phone to get it fixed?   


Resolved! Ghost calls

Hi. I have seen loads of complaints about these Ghost Calls. I have a BT 4000 hands free phone and receive at least 15 of these calls per day, most of them between the hours of 12.05 and 7.35 with a few others during the day and evening. It appears t...

sharon95 by Joining in
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Resolved! Port Virgin landline to a virtual landline provider

My contract with Virgin is coming to an end and I have asked to switch to a BB and phone line 30 day rolling contract and cancel my TV services. But I want to port my landline to a virtual landline provider as well.Problem is on this forum I read “If...

timmie by On our wavelength
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Remove master socket

As we have gone over to using the hub for the phone  can I remove the master socket to make my wiring more convenient?