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Cancel engineer visit

My hub 4 stopped working yesterday so booked an engineer visit. Then this afternoon it started to work again.  Does anyone know how I can cancel the visit as its booked for tomorrow Apparently I can't change it because its less then 24hrs 

Re: Landline Not allowing outgoing calls

Hellomy elderly aunt is having the same problem. She can’t make outgoing calls, keeps ringing virgin and not getting anywhere . She was told someone would come and she would receive a text message. She has a mobile but just uses it for emerg envy cal...

Landline switchover my hub is Superhub 2ac

Hello, my hub is Superhub 2ac so I will need a new hub for my landline switchover (switchover day is 13/10/2023, Oxford). I will need the technician visit and I called 150 to arrange it, but the operator could not do this.  How can I book the technic...

Yuki135 by Joining in
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Virgin repair

I need to get my phone booked in for a repair, but the only way through virgin is by calling them... but i cant because my phone is broken...

JerryJ1 by Joining in
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Remove landline answer service and call waiting

Hi,I’ve been going around in circles trying to remove my landline voicemail and call waiting service. the help section guides me to manage services but this option doesn’t exist and when I chat online to request help I’m being directed to my online a...

Landline no dialling tone

HelloMy landline is giving out a ring tone, I cannot dial out and I cannot receive calls. I tried dialling my landline with my mobile phone, but even though my landline shows 'one missed call' I did not hear it ring in at all. Thank you for any help ...

littleme67 by On our wavelength
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Resolved! 2 corded phones Hub 3.

How can I have 2 corded phones connected to my Hub 3 which has 1 landline number.I want to buy 2 new corded phones and connect them to my hub 3. How would I be able to do this please and what cables would I need.

SamV2 by Joining in
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I dont want a fibre phone adapter and dont use the line anyway

Hi, I dont use my landline and i dont have a phone connected to it, as the original box was removed by an engineer about 6 years ago, and never replaced. A landline was still forced forced on me as part of my package, although i use my mobile to make...

JezzaF1 by Tuning in
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