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Is it possible to find my old VM landline number?

I'm trying to find what my old VM landline number was...Looks like it might have been associated to an old online account somewhere else and I've had no VM landline for at least 5 years. Any one know if it's possible to recover the number? I don't ne...

JoshGrey by Tuning in
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3 weeks no working landline.

Anyone expert enough to know the answer to this dilemma I’m facing. it’s been 3 weeks with no working home phone. I have a dial tone but cannot make or receive calls. In that 3 weeks two different Virgin technicians have visited my property & both ha...

Resolved! Phone Line Change Over

HelloI've received the following message on behalf my 91 year old Grandad.Hi, on 15th September 2023 your home phone service will switch to our fibre network. Check the letter or email we sent you for more information.Just curious, he has a phone and...

Landline isn't working

As of the 13th June 2023 my landline no longer works, no dial tone and when people try and call my number they get an engaged tone or a "call failed" indication and I last received a call on 12th June 2023. I reported this to Customer Services (using...

Pat85 by Joining in
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Landline not working

The status says there is no problems, but my landline has been dead for a few days, think it is since we had a power cut.  My friend on the same estate is having the same problem. She had phoned Virgin many times but yet got any sense out of anyone. ...

KSK by Joining in
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No Dial tone

Hi,I have no dial tone on my landline and no way of reporting it.  The online checker says no issues but there cleaarly are.  When people call us it goes straight to voicemail.How do I actually report it as an issue and get someone to look at it?

thebiz75 by Tuning in
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Street Cabinet vandalised - reporting

The virgin street cabinet outside my house has been vandalised leaving all the cabling and equipment exposed to the weather... how do I let Virgin know about this damage?     [MOD EDIT: Subject title changed for clarity]

Redrog by Tuning in
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Phone line rental adapter

Hi, I’ve been told that my phone service is going to stop working from today and been sent an adapter to plug into the back of my hub. However, my phone line is a bit far away from my hub and the wire doesn’t reach. How do I go about connecting my ho...

hanna66 by Joining in
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Loss of service - no landline, no ringtone

Hello,Loss of service - My landline has stopped working since yesterday.My home phone rang continuously for approximately 30 secs then went silent. No service or ringtone since then.MyVM app says service looks good in my area.I cannot find a way of r...

nei1t by Joining in
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Waiting in for Virgin Tech for phone switchover

Waited all afternoon today for Virgin Tech to change landline over as I need telephone system installed in house connected to the new hub no show i was text date which had answered yes to date phone up Virgin Media to find out if Tech guy was coming ...

rogerrgm by On our wavelength
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