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Caller ID not working

Hi, Caller ID has stopped working on my home phone and this seems to be the best way to contact Virgin Media.Can you advise what I need to do to get this reinstated?

no dial tone just cracking sound on landline

Came back from holiday last night.No dail tone just cracking sound for in and out calls on landline connected to wall socket.This may have been off for some time.Please can I get this fixed promptly as missing out on my phone allowance.Charles Maunse...

fergmaun by Tuning in
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Home Phone Voice Mail turn off

Hi how do you trun of the voicemail on my home phone?  I do not need or want this feature and the help page on the Virgin Media website incorrectly takes me to the mobile voicemail.  There are no options to do this on 1571 and the chatbot just tells ...

Fibre phone connection

I have received the new fibre phone adapter but the socket for my phone line is in a different room from my hub so I am not able to connect the phone line to the hub.

PamJB by Joining in
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Adapter for landline switchover

Despite getting many texts about the landline switchover, I still haven’t received the adapter, and I have reordered it twice.  Let me be clear that I will pay for my phone service if it does not work. 

No dailing tone on landline

We have no dailing tone on our landline. If you ring the number from another phone it gives theengaged tone. Looking back through the calll list it has been over a week since a call wasmade successfully to our landline, so may have been down a while

SCH118 by Joining in
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New Phone Hub

I have been asked to contact Virgin to arrange a new hub to be delivered for the switch to the fibre phone line on the 9th Nov. I've been trying to get in contact by 150 but I've not been able to get through. Please can someone help? Thanks

Katie22 by Joining in
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