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Landline on new broadband 5X hub.

Just joined

I've just started with a broadband connection, full fiber with a 5X hub. I've been told that using the hub for a 'landline' connection is not available yet (installation engineer). Does anybody know, assuming this is correct, when this will become available?

Like many people, I wanted to keep my old BT phone number when switching but it looks like I've lost it.



Alessandro Volta

Some regulars on here have moved their landline to a third party VOIP provider to bypass the problem of landline porting when changing broadband provider.

Your BT landline/number needs to be operational for it to be ported anywhere.

AFAIK the info about no landline on the Hub 5x at present is correct and AFAIK I have not seen any info on here about when/if it will be implemented.