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Landline number not ported!

Tuning in

I recently ordered a package phone and broadband at the start of January. I was told it will take 7 days to port my landline number from Vodafone. So i took the 12th January as my installation date. I made the lady aware that i use my landline for my business and it is diverted to my mobile as i am a sole trader.

On the 12th January, i got my broadband hub through the post. The broadband was up and running but they had given me a new number. I rung virgin again and asked what was going on. THEY HAD NOT EVEN REQUESTED TO PORT THE NUMBER FROM VODAFONE OR EVEN TAKING OVER THERE BROADBAND SO I HAD 2 PACKAGES NOW. She then requested the port from vodafone and to take over my services from them. I was told this would be completed on the 22nd January (today).

Today morning i called myself from the virgin landline and it called my number from the number i was porting so i thought all good. I rung virgin to activate my call divert and when she asked me for my number, i gave my number that was ported and she said thats not the right one. THE NEW NUMBER FROM VIRGIN WAS BACK ON FOR SOME REASON. I called myself again from my virgin landline and it was the new number from virgin and not the number that was meant to be ported (although this was not the case a few hours earlier).

Now they are investigating what is going on and my number that should have been ported shows as "number not valid" when i try calling it.

What could have gone wrong? I CANNOT afford to lose my number and i am now losing business due to this problem. Any help would be much appreciated as i need this sorting out ASAP.


A bit of an update. I have sent the formal complaint.

Today morning (25/1/24), i called virgin media again. I was told on the notes it says the number should be ported and completed by 8am today. They told me to give it 24 hours. I got home around 9.30am and checked and the number had been ported. All good and i was relieved.

But then today around 5.30pm the number for some reason got cancelled by virgin again and i was given the same temporary number back. 

Absolute shambles from Virgin. I have no idea what they are doing and also seems like the porting team havent a clue either!

I have rung them again and now they are again saying it would be sorted out in 24 hours.

Hi well done I think for some reason ur number might have a system issue keep us updated as they will need to investigate more higher up with ur formal complaint.


As when I was with talktalk that was sort off the only way to get on with the process to be done.



Hi Mwnisar

I'm sorry that I could not get back to you yesterday - I was offline.

I'm going to speak with the Number Port Team today and ask for an update. As soon as I have more information I will let you know.

Again, I am so sorry about the inconvenience caused in the meantime.


Joining in

I have the same problem, number not ported. The VM installer said he would call in the porting request  by phone. He left his number for any problems but now ignores my calls and messages. This porting issue needs proper attention. My number of over 40 years is now 'not recognized'.  Can anyone find out what is holding this up, it's now 10 days and no landline. Thanks in advance for any help.

Hi Clockman

Thank you for your post, welcome to the Community Forums.

I'm sorry to hear you've also been experiencing the same issue with your number port request. Just to confirm, are you joining Virgin Media from another provider as a new customer, or are you an existing customer moving home?

If the former, is your landline service still active with your old provider?


Joining in

Hello, I have moved from Vodafone to VM  BB  landline and mobile to O2 the mobile ported ok . The old landline was cancelled for a day or two after VM went live. 

I'm going to pop you a PM 📩 so we can take a closer look into this @Clockman 

Speak soon!

Forum Team

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Thanks so much for your time via PM @Clockman 

I'm so pleased we could get the issue resolved for you and the number has been ported successfully 😃 

Have the best weekend! 🌞

Forum Team

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