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Landline number not ported!

Tuning in

I recently ordered a package phone and broadband at the start of January. I was told it will take 7 days to port my landline number from Vodafone. So i took the 12th January as my installation date. I made the lady aware that i use my landline for my business and it is diverted to my mobile as i am a sole trader.

On the 12th January, i got my broadband hub through the post. The broadband was up and running but they had given me a new number. I rung virgin again and asked what was going on. THEY HAD NOT EVEN REQUESTED TO PORT THE NUMBER FROM VODAFONE OR EVEN TAKING OVER THERE BROADBAND SO I HAD 2 PACKAGES NOW. She then requested the port from vodafone and to take over my services from them. I was told this would be completed on the 22nd January (today).

Today morning i called myself from the virgin landline and it called my number from the number i was porting so i thought all good. I rung virgin to activate my call divert and when she asked me for my number, i gave my number that was ported and she said thats not the right one. THE NEW NUMBER FROM VIRGIN WAS BACK ON FOR SOME REASON. I called myself again from my virgin landline and it was the new number from virgin and not the number that was meant to be ported (although this was not the case a few hours earlier).

Now they are investigating what is going on and my number that should have been ported shows as "number not valid" when i try calling it.

What could have gone wrong? I CANNOT afford to lose my number and i am now losing business due to this problem. Any help would be much appreciated as i need this sorting out ASAP.


Forum Team
Forum Team

Hi Mwnisar

Thank you for your post, welcome to the Community Forums.

We're really sorry to hear that your switch to us hasn't been a very smooth experience for you.

Just to clarify, we are not able to cancel new customer's services with their existing provider's on their behalf. This would be something that the customer has to do in every instance for security reasons. 

In order for a landline port to be successful, we ask that new customers keep their landline service active with their existing provider until the port has completed. Otherwise, we may be unable to complete the port successfully. Whilst your port is in process, you will be given a temporary landline number once your landline service has been activated, so this side of things sounds normal. However, it's strange how your number seems to have reverted from the number you want to keep back to the temporary one.

I have sent you a PM so I can take a look into this for you. We'd really like to help.




I did not cancel anything from vodafone myself, not the broadband and not the landline. Today was the date for my number to be ported, given by virgin media. After virgin medias request to port the number from vodafone on the 12th, i got a text from vodafone as below:


Hello. Sorry to hear you're planning on leaving us. IMPORTANT: if you haven't asked another provider to take over your broadband and/or phone service VFC3522688, let us know as soon as possible by calling free on 08080 057406. Otherwise, we'll cancel your service at on 22/Jan/2024 00:00:00. There's nothing you need to do - your service will switch over to your new provider automatically. Can we change your mind? If you'd like to keep your service with us, please get in touch by midday two working days before your cancellation date."

I am really worried as to what is going on and how long this will take as i am a sole trader and losing alot of business. I hope this can get sorted out ASAP.

Hi have you replyed to there pm it is a quick way to do some things but they can only do what there allowed to do as could be a mix up in the change over.

when i moved to vm i was still on my old talktalk bb and phone

when the lady installed the kit she found our phone port request was not done right so seems vm has a issue but we got it sorted they are good at sorting things via here i have found 

there is also some helpfull people on here to


Yes ive replied to the pm. Ime just puzzled to as whats gone wrong as the port request was done on the 12th for today. Today morning it seemed to have completed as my virgin line number when testing was the right one that was meant to be ported. A few hours later, its gone back to the new number virgin gave me.

Hi just thing could it be upto midnight for the system to fully change as we where told our was tempory number while the sortd out our porting issure but then found it work fine
As u say 22 which is today so could it be a issue while they sort it as could be a issue they need to sort as not every thing is done 1st thing i found this even with my mobile swap 

Its just weird that while the number was still with vodafone in the morning, i know this as my call divert was working, the number was live on virgin media line as well. It seems like when vodafone cut it off, it went off from virgin as well. Its just confusing as the number was live with virgin in the morning when i checked.

Wait till tomorrow and see as can be upto midnight on some cases they like to cover them like the other isp and mobile companines 

But if not working in am best to call as if urgent then u on it as here can day days or more 

Well this has turned into an absolute mess by virgin media and has put my well built up business of over 10 years at risk.

My landline and broadband was with vodafone. I took out a contract with virgin media on the 2nd of January 2024 and requested them to bring over my landline from vodafone as well as i use that number for my business since the last 7 years. Virgin said that is fine. I was given an installation date of 12th January.

On the 12th of January, i received the broadband hub. I connected it all up and checked the landline and it was a new number. I rung Virgin media and they said this is a temporary number and they will request the port from vodafone, which would be completed on the 22nd of January.

On the 22nd of January, i checked my virgin landline in the morning around 09.30 to see if the number had been ported. I did this by using my virgin landline and calling my mobile. The number was ported as i got the call from the number bought over from Vodafone.

Then things went wrong. A few hours later, when i again checked the line, the temporary number was back on. I tried to ring the number ported from vodafone and it came up as number invalid.

I rung virgin media that same day and was told for some reason the order was completed but then got cancelled and the temporary number back on. I have been calling virgin media and they were first saying 24 hours and now 8-10 days. They have also said there is a chance i could lose the number. I cannot afford this as this is my livelihood. Its my bread and butter, a business ive built up over 6/7 years.

I was today told that the number has gone back to BT as they are the owners of the number.

I called BT today and asked them. They said when a number gets cancelled, it goes into a quarantine for 30 days, meaning that it randomly does not get given out until requested and any of the providers can request the number for me without a problem.

I would really really really appreciate if anyone from virgin media can help me

The last 2 nights have been mostly sleepless for me and it is really taking a toll on my mental health as this is my livelihood built over 7 years.

I would really appreciate any help.


Mr Nisar

Hi best phone vm as qiucker also u can as u should open a formal complaint see here

As it is handled by the head office team like ceo office u should have done that on the day when the issue started then u would have had it sorted by now

OPen a formal compalint asap