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Calling a virgin landline - Ringtone had changed

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Since my landline switched over and now plugs into my router, those calling me have mentioned that the ringtone now sounds like an international call with a long ring rather than the traditional British ‘ring ring’. Has anyone else experience this and how can it be changed back?  When making external calls from landline, I hear the traditional ring ring, so would not have known anything was different.



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No charges are being displayed as you put it.

I've tried many times from my BT landline and my mobile to my virgin line to check if the issue has been solved.

Forum Team (Retired)
Forum Team (Retired)

Thanks for the response there, 

Regarding the ringtone however if there are no impending charges then I'd advise that with 21CV the calls would begin to sound like this.



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This has only affected a small number of people, of which several are on this forum.

This is not normal & not acceptable. 

Steven_L is out of the office at present but we have reached out for an update, once one is available we will provide it here.



Please can we have an update, as it’s not clear if anything is really being investigated. Many thanks. 

Hi PaulSmith1,


Could you please kindly try an alternative handset if you are able?


Please pop back to us when you can. 

Vikki - Forum Team

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On our wavelength

As you haven't read the other similar queries on this forum (mine included) you will not know that this is not an issues in the home, but more on the network side somewhere.

If you completely remove all phones from the router & have nothing plugged in & then ring your phone number from elsewhere, you STILL get the American ring sound.

Tuning in

For someone who is yet to switch,  reading these posts that have not been resolved after more than a month, is not encouraging,  to say the least. My father has switched and, due to hearing problems, is reporting that the line quality is awful. In addition, the technician did not put the phone base where he needed it in the living room. He moved it to a bedroom upstairs in order to plug the phone in to the router. This meant his answerphone was upstairs. The technician plugged in a wired phone in the hallway so my father did not have a phone near his chair in the living room. He is 88 and has multiple health problems. I am 61 and have long-Covid. My husband and I have had 5 bereavements in 6 months. Having asked for a delay to our switchover, which was agreed, it was still going ahead as planned tomorrow. In the end, we managed to delay for two months today. We do not have a double electric socket where we need to plug in the router and our phone base. We will have to get an electrician in. Our Internet service does not work very well in the loft. Our router is on the middle floor. Our house is 100 years old and has thick walls. We have an extender in the hallway but still struggle with a good signal in the living room for both TV and browsing. We have been told we need a nest. We have two estates to sort out in Ireland and Wales.  We live in England. We do not have time to sort this out in two months. I am going to investigate switching to BT. Surely, it cannot be any worse than Virgin Media. I have been a Telewest, then Virgin, landline customer for 30 years. We added on TV 23 years ago, then internet and mobile. The services just get worse and worse. I have little confidence that all the problems with VOIP, internet and our mobile signal in a city centre will be sorted out soon. If VOIP doesn't work, we can't always even use our mobiles. Sometimes, I have to go outside or up to the loft just to get a mobile signal. I wish they would retain the current system and bring back the original providers. The technology is just not ready. We had a much better signal with EE than O2 so I expect we will be switching to BT or another provider. To safeguard having a phone for emergencies, one of us will be with a different provider. Then, we might actually have one phone out of three that works. Who decided that dispensing with landlines was actually a good idea? We use the WhatsApp service to phone when we can but the signal is not reliable. These companies are struggling to survive with WiFi calling, and all the other streaming services. No wonder there are so many problems. But, not having a good internet and mobile signal really doesn't help. Our neighbour is going to help us iron out some of the problems. He's already hlped by recommending we switch to Smarty. As soon as he returns from holiday, he'll be helping us to sort out the wifi signal as well. Thank goodness we have a neighbour who can help. I pity those who are elderly, or not internet-savy, since Virgin did not help my disabled father at all. Neither did the manufacturer of his phone. First they told him it wouldn't work with VOIP, then they said it would. And, it does. Thank goodness he has a daughter. We have no children so no-one to help us. 

Hi hbaxter, thanks for the message and sorry to hear about the issues which you have had with us. 

All providers are changing to VOIP by 2025 as per Ofcom guidelines. We would always aim to put the hub and phone in the best possible location and cordless handsets with multiple base units can be put around the home. The phone signal will come from our fibre cables, do you have an engineer due tomorrow for the switchover?

The swapping of the emergency back up lines (EBUL) is part of an ongoing programme to improve our services for vulnerable customers, and to also future-proof our mobile network. 

It allows Virgin Media to introduce the ability for EBUL device users to be able to make calls to friends, as well as family members, on top of the emergency services, should they need help if their fibre phone line stops working. ^Chris. 

Yes, I am aware that this is an OFCOM requirement by 2025. The date today is 31st August 2023, ie two years in advance of 2025!! Despite being told yesterday that our switchover was being delayed by 2 months, this has gone ahead without us being informed. We only found out as my brother-in-law tried to call, concerning my mother-in-law's estate, and our landline just rings and rings. However, we can still dial out. My husband's Virigin mobile did not ring in the house but registered a miss call. My husband reported a fault and the staff member could not understand how we can dial out. Her system is showing that we were still scheduled for the switchover today. We have not yet connected the adaptor to the router. As you can imagine, we are incensed. We have twice spent so much time on trying to get the installation of VOIP postponed. The fault person is not in tomorrow but we have received a test email. She was going to enquire as to whether we can be switched back to copper for the foreseeable future. After such treatment when we have so much to bear at the moment is appalling treatment of  vulnerable and disabled customer. When I have the energy, I will be complaining to OFCOM. No, we did not have an engineer booked because twice we have been promised a postponement. We already have a base with two cordless extensions. The base is on the ground floor and the router on the first. Should we move the base to the router, our answerphone base will be on the first floor. I have covid-induced asthma at the age of 61. We can not move the router to the hall, there is no router cable. The TV cable is in the lounge, and the signal from moving the router there will not reach the first floor nor the loft. We have no adaptor to connect both the TV and the router with one cable. Virgin have left us with a mess to sort out ourselves. Having had five bereavements in six months with two estates in two different countries to sort out, along with ongoing health issues for which I am only just receiving assistance after a year with long-Covid, this is a most appalling way to treat a so-called valued customer after 30 years loyal service. Where do we go from here?