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USA Ringtone & Call Waiting Issues!

On our wavelength

Since the changeover to VOIP a few weeks ago, I've been having a couple of strange issues with my landline.

I've always had Call Waiting, but since this changeover, this has stopped working.

I'm aware I need to reactivate it on the line again, which I've done with *43# plus I've spoken to customer services to confirm it's active & they say it is.

If someone calls me when I'm on the phone, they get a ringtone for a couple of seconds, followed by a message "sorry, this number is temporarily unavailable" and there are no beeps on the receiving line as it should to indicate someone is waiting.

Secondly, and much weirder is the fact that when anyone calls me (I've tested this by ringing from a different landline & my mobile) is that the ringtone you get is not the traditional UK ring sound "ring ring         ring ring       ring ring" but more an American ringtone with one long sound, followed by a 4 second pause & then the long sound etc...  😨

Has anyone else heard of either of my 2 issues as it's driving me mad! 😠


P.S. I've just rebooted my Hub5 & the issues are still there  🤔




Alessandro Volta

There have been past mentions on the forums of various calling features not working correctly after switchover. Sounds like your call waiting has a problem which VM needs to fix.

Do you have the free voicemail activated on the line since switchover? The VM phone guide advises that you can't have call waiting and the free voicemail on the line at the same time.

Are you hearing the 'American' ringtone in your home (coming from your phone when it is ringing) when a call comes in. Or do you mean that you hear the American ringtone through the earpiece on the handset you are using to call in to your home phone number? Or both those things?

If you are hearing the American ringtone coming from your phone when it is ringing, do you have an option to change the ringtone on the phone and see if that has any effect?

The faulty call waiting and American ringtone may be linked in some way to a general issue with the line post-switchover.

Forum Team
Forum Team

Thanks for your post on our Community Forums @hotlips69, and I'm sorry to hear of the landline issues you've been experiencing.

Check out the envelope in the top right hand corner and we'll attempt to take a closer look into this for you.

Kindest regards,


On our wavelength

I've had the free voicemail turned off by customer services & having checked, that seems to be correct.

I'm hearing the American ringtone through the earpiece on the handset I'm using to call in to my home phone number.


The ring / engaged tones for a UK to UK call are normally generated by the callers end of the telephone system ( in my case Cisco VOIP kit configured to sound like BT's call progress tones ).

Does that American ringtone occur on just one phone, or does it persist from mobiles as well as other land lines ?

The American ring is always there, regardless of if I call using my mobile or seperate unrelated BT landline in the house.
It was the UK ringtone before the VOIP changeover.

On our wavelength

This query is still ongoing, although Virgin second line support are now looking at my specific case & expect an answer within the next 5 days.

I hope that you get the right result and I agree with your comments on my post.  I too would hang up if I thought that I had inadvertently dialled an international number.  Please let me know how things work out with second line support.

On our wavelength

It's been 2 whole weeks aince I had my last call from Virgin 2nd line support to check if the call waiting & USA ring sound was now fixed (it wasn't) & they said they'll go to the network team to sort it & get back to me (which they still haven't)
I've got zero chance of getting through to the right 2nd/3rd line support person if I called Virgin, so how on earth do I chase this up as it's really starting to annoy me & the people phoning me?