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Packet burst / High ping

I've noticed for the past 3 weeks or so I am getting very high ping and packet burst when online gaming.My setup is: Virgin Media Hub in Modem Mode wired into Deco M4R to create a mesh net (this was recommended by a VM Tech back in Jan 2021) and solv...

Packet Loss and high latency

Hi,I've had issues over the last few days with high latency and packet loss. I've tried resetting, router mode but I have the same issue. This is very noticeable when making video calls and it has cut off a couple of times. Can someone please look at...

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fjama13 by On our wavelength
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High ping/latency spikes recently

Hello this started like a week ago or so, its impossible to play any games because i keep rubberbanding, mostly noticable when gaming, have a look at my BQM, please have a look into this and thanks.My BQM 

constant packet loss now with new Hub5

Hello... so some time ago I posted here about packet loss on my ps5 with hub4. Support was great and engineer was booked for me very quickly, I can't complain about that.But what engineer did was just replaced my old hub4 with Hub5.. problem didn't g...

MindyKzm by Joining in
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Does anyone know whats happened here?

Okay so before i went on holiday my wifi was completely fine, i never lagged out of games i never had any problems with it disconnecting all the time. It was generally just good reliable wifi.But since i got back off holiday (about 4 weeks ago) it ha...

amico0 by Joining in
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Packet Loss

Well this problem has been going on and off for the past month or so and I am not too sure why. This has to be an issue with the virgin media servers can this be fixed asap This is what im paying for ? This is unacceptable 

ehmz_ by Tuning in
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Inconsistent speeds

When the wifi works at its advertised speeds its fantastic but recently (past few months, it has gotten very very inconsistent, i get constant lag spikes and sometimes the internet goes out. What is the cause of this? I tested my download speed twice...

Bad and persistent packet loss

Second time in just over a month that I've started getting persistent packet loss. No issue's reported on service status for my area. Makes playing online games impossible. 

revvit by Joining in
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Bad and constant packet loss

I'm getting constant packet loss and it's making on gaming and watching some streaming channels impossible to play/watch. This started about 1 week ago and has just been getting worse.I set up a monitor on thinkboardband. The packet loss is constant ...

revvit by Joining in
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