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Suffering Common Xbox Nat/Teredo Issues

Just got VM in our new house in South London area 21 2 xboxs in the house are not able to connect to the VM network via wifi or wired getting NAT/Teredo error message.Called VM Tech and did pin hole factory reset 5 times, ethernet cable, 24 hr monito...

Game is laggy but speed is fine and no packet loss

For the past few weeks , I’ve been having a this issue where I’m playing online video games such as Fortnite and warzone and I’m having micro lags / delays where in warzone when I pick up something it picks the item up like half a second late and giv...

mm82286 by Joining in
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Low PS5 download speed via ethernet cable

I recently replaced my PS4 with a PS5 and thought the new console would work well with my Hub 5. Unfortunately I am still suffering from slow download speeds, at best approx. 85MB.I am connected via a CAT 7 Ethernet cable to a Virgin Pod. I have test...

Polster by Tuning in
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Packet Loss

I always wonder why my son was swearing at the computer when he was as he said it kept 'lagging' Today he showed me a program that logs the packet loss for his games (League of legends and Rocket League) sometimes these were showing 100% packet loss ...

paul73mt by Joining in
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Resolved! high ping when gaming

im an m500 customer currently using the media hub 3 in modem mode with an asus rog strix gs-ax5400 router i play with a wired connection but am experiencing un playable levels of ping in game at any time of the day. outside of gaming everything seems...

Want to cancel contact

After having over a year of trouble when gaming with virgin enough is enough I want to cancel my contractGaming is our main use of Internet and we have been suffering with huge ping spikes energy single day, I was on hub 3 and virgin told me if i upg...

adam72 by Tuning in
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Lag spikes throughout the day was noticing lag spikes while gaming so setup a BQM, could anyone with more knowledge  take a look please.I have not set one up for a couple o...