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I’m getting constant lag in games despite using ethernet

Hi, I am getting unplayable amounts of lag in all games despite playing games over ethernet. I should add that I am using a high speed ethernet cable and have tried many others, so it’s not the cable causing it. I get fast speeds, I can download a 14...

Yuioi by Tuning in
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Resolved! Xbox not arrived

Like all the rest still waiting for a xbox, received msg saying getting ready for dispatch and not heard anything for 2 weeks

Jason313 by Joining in
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Problems with connection when patching WoW

I turned on the scan/repair on the app which is something I do every so often. This was several days ago and, ever since then, my scan goes to 98% but can't move on to update. I've been locked out of the game, basically, as it's constantly...

GillB by On our wavelength
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Latency Unplayable

My VM connection (350mbs) has never been up to standard, and I've now had 12 months of issues with it.Recently, Virgin have been out and done some work on the box near my property, and since then, all online gaming is just unplayable. Constant drop o...

Resolved! best set up for xbox x

Just switched to Virgin from BT and need some help as my youngest is driving me mad ! since joining Virgin latency while gaming has gone through the roof also NAT issues keeps telling him NAT type unavailable we sort of worked round NAT issue by manu...

scottyb1 by Tuning in
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Wheres My Free Gift?

TIMELINE I have written/called many times but I am being ignored by Virgin Media.I have not received my Free Gift.I phoned someone said they would get back to me in 48 hours.This happened twice they never did.I wrote a complaint online.We will get ba...

Xbox live 2 xboxs one house

Ok just got virgin media and have a hub 5 have 2 sons with Xbox each and noticed that if both on at same only one can play multiplayer the other one will get message " NAT type unavailable" can't get  teredo IP address ! I am not a computer techy but...

scottyb1 by Tuning in
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Unusual Data on my Virgin Media Hub. DO I need an engineer?

Context for this is while playing online games, especially FIFA, I am able to get relatively good ping (generally between 12 and 24) however every game feels so laggy and delayed. I've seen other posts here and they post there hub Data so can anyone ...

data 3.PNG data 1.PNG data 2.PNG
Redinade by On our wavelength
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Online lag

I joned about 4 weeks ago got 100m broadband I’m getting a lot of lag and latency issues lately I never had this issue with my previous isp I really wish I didn’t join any help appreciate it 

Abbeyuk by Joining in
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