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Resolved! Connection dropouts

Since Wednesday I have been having connection dropouts while playing online game it is really annoying when you pay for something and get to play intermittent games because of the connection dropouts 

TekLest by Tuning in
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“Battleye query timeout” every 15 minutes

Hi I play games and have recently “upgraded” to the virgin super hub 4 and all of a sudden out of nowhere I can no longer play games on my of that uses the anti cheat software known as “battleye” those games in my library consist of Ark survival evol...

Different download speeds on xboxs

Hi, my girlfriend and I are baffled by each of our Xbox’s download speeds. My series X which is slightly closer to the door gets speeds of ~200mb which is decent enough for 500mb contract. However, my old one x that she is using barely reaches 100mb ...

Xbox speeds aren't going over 25mb with Hub 5

HiI've recently joined VM & I am having issues with my Xbox One over wi-fi connection. I have the 500mb package with the hub 5 but I am only receiving a download speed of 27mb max. I can't hardwire my Xbox to the router, as it's in a different room b...

Hub 4 PW not working

HiIm trying to access my hub 4 to check NAT status and perhaps set some ports for gaming.I cannot access my hub 4 as the PW is incorrect, I havent changed it!Any help with this please.

Olddude by Joining in
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Tryed setting DMZ lastnight and ps5 wouldn't connect to psn message saying my ISP was blocking me , is it VM blocking DMZ access or a hickup , games consoles are safe in DMZ 

Resolved! Spikes, lag & high ping gaming

I have the 1gig broadband wired into my gaming PC. I have non stop Lag, high ping & latency. Brand new ethernet cat9. Also same buffers with streaming netflix etc on TV

Awful Upload speeds

Hi, just wondering if anyone could check my area for any specific fault and let me know, I tried the connection test, however nothing has come up for any issues. My upload speed is horrendous, topping out during the day at anywhere between 0.2-3mbps,...

FreeAura by Joining in
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I’m getting constant lag in games despite using ethernet

Hi, I am getting unplayable amounts of lag in all games despite playing games over ethernet. I should add that I am using a high speed ethernet cable and have tried many others, so it’s not the cable causing it. I get fast speeds, I can download a 14...

Yuioi by Tuning in
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