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Really bad jitter

Hi thereDue to moving houses, I got my M200 fiber package installed 2 days ago. While the speed is great, my pings are fluctuating by about 10ms (no biggie her) but my jitter is really bad. It's extremely evident in certain games.  Valorant is unplay...

Resolved! Nat type keeps failing

i have been having issues a few times with Nat type failing. It mainly happens around midnight like it did last night but it’s just happened again tonight around 9.30pm I’m on the ps5. Is there anything I can do because it’s getting annoying now. 


I want to know why Virgin media having done anything regarding the connectivity to the PlayStation network via ps5/PS4 in Nottingham. I know you are aware of it as I seen you answer someone else's post regarding this matter. Been like this a week now...

Darran2 by On our wavelength
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Ii think i need an engineer (loads of timeouts)

VM did work in my area last week and it looks like they added a 3.1 upstream channel to fix utilisation issues. Was working well btu today something seems to have gone very wrong. 3.0 Downstream channelsChannel Frequency (Hz) Power (dBmV) SNR (dB) Mo...

Harry_C by On our wavelength
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High Latency and Packet Loss on Super Hub 4

I've been with Virgin for about 6 months now and only recently now am I experiencing high ping every now and then during gaming, its driving me insane. Can anyone suggest anything?

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