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Resolved! Ping/speed

Not long upgraded to 1gbps and connection very poor, never had anything download faster than 500mbps and the latency fluctuates like no one's business and every test comes back with a minimum 1% packet loss

boab82 by Joining in
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Resolved! Gaming high latency

Hello, I recently upgraded my package to 1gig and was provided with the new hub 5. I have since had intermittent issues with high latency that really affects online gaming and makes the experience unbearable. After the problems started I began to run...

high gaming latency

I'm really struggling with high latency whilst gaming, especially during peak hours (5-11). Here is my BQM. Downstream and upstream to follow: <a title="Broadband Ping" href="

Matt98 by Joining in
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Free Xbox Gift Offer

Hi, we took out a contract in June. As part of this offer for joining with you we were offered bill credit or an Xbox series s. We opted for the Xbox but we are still to hear anything fro anyone about the item in question. We signed up directly via V...

BJS25 by Joining in
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Resolved! Ping Issues and Speed

Hi.Lately I’ve been having quite high ping on Xbox going into the 50-100ms range. I have Gig1 with Hub4 and I am only getting 200-300mbps on my phone and Xbox. Can anyone help me? It’s quite frustrating when I’m playing games after work. cheers. 

Terrible Latency Issues

i have gig1 and it is just terrible. i have awful spiked in my latency and my download speeds are nowhere near what i pay for! Every engineer ive had round does not even know what latency means. Any help on this? it is unbearable. Thanks https://www....

Zaachery by Joining in
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For Customers Who Have Not Received The Free Xbox

I am starting another thread as the Virgin advisors have stopped responding to the other thread I made.My services were installed on 14/7/2022 and I still have not received the Free Xbox.No advisors can take responsibilty and just message another tea...

Bit rate dropping on twitch stream

HelloI currently stream on Twitch but over the past 2 weeks, I have been dropping frames and OBS reports these are due to the Network. My hardware is more than capable of streaming at the setting I have and the connection is 250D and 20U, however the...

Problem connecting to

I’m having problems syncing trophy & challenges for RE7 & RE8 to resident ( I’m completing challenges but they’re not showing on the RE site.PS5 is connected via Ethernet cable.Turning off the router’s Firewall allows the connection.

Anankha by Problem sorter
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MWII - Connecting to server other end of the country

Hi, I am just wondering if there is a reason I am connecting to a server a stone throw away from the English channel, when i am just outside Edinburgh. Is there something i can do to get a server closer? My external showing IP resolves back to Living...