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Lag spikes,high ping & high jitter

Hi,recently my internet has been woeful for lag spikes and jitter. The speeds been fine but playing on a series x like Fifa or rocket league the high latency signs appear every game. Apparently we had some work done on our street but it seems since t...

liverpaul by On our wavelength
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Resolved! Bufferbloat on 1gb Super Hub 5

Hi All,I'm seriously Shocked that the Super Hub 5 doesn't support SQM still... Unless i'm missing it on the router? So the issue is I'm being affected by Bufferbloat. As a forex trader where every millisecond of latency makes all the difference, this...

5% packet loss spikes  when playing games I'm receiving "unstable connection or packet loss" notifications. I'm also having instances where I'm being force rubber ba...

Packet loss whilst gaming

Hello,Last night I was unable to play my game (World of Warcraft) on my PC for very long before my connection dropped and it kicked me out of the game. This happened repeatedly. I was connected to voice chat over discord as well. I live in a shared h...

Super Hub 5 Spiking Unstable Latency on Upstream

Hi,Experienced a couple of months of stable latency 20 - 40ms after Tech visit following posting back in June issue returned 3 - 4 weeks ago ...

Speed Analysis Test.jpg Graph_Redacted.jpg Upstream.jpg

Wired Ethernet cutting out after 10mins of gaming

Hi, my wired ethernet cuts out after about 10mins of gaming and comes back after about 5-10 seconds. After the initial cut out it's fine for the rest of the session. It's started about 2 weeks ago and has been consistently happening every day.I'm on ...

Resolved! Constant drop outs

We have recently upgraded to 1gig broadband with the hub 5 because our 350 on the hub there was unusable. Now the 1gig is being the same.we only use the hub 5 at the moment and the reliability is shocking. Why can’t this just work out of the box? why...

Virgin latency unbearable

 how can VM think latency like this is even acceptable, tried to contact them through there cryptic website, ended up waiting over 2 hours for a bot to transfer me to a foreign country as per. to be told theres an issue in the area that will take 8 d...


Constant daily high latency

Hello, as many others in these forums I am experiencing latency variation and high latency when doing anything gaming related. I have tried many solutions, changing cables, getting a 3rd party router (UDM), resets, restarts etc. etc. with no resoluti...

ckck by Joining in
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Latency spikes are unbearable

I've been experiencing latency spikes for well over a month now, was trying to ride it out but it's getting more frequent, i play a lot of online games and they are virtually unplayable now well competitively anyway, I've been through all the other s...