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Resolved! Teams dropouts

Hi. I'm looking for help with frequent drop-outs on Teams calls and using other connections to server-side apps. Our connection is 1GB through Superhub 4, recently installed and fine until about a month ago. Speed is fine, and connections are through...

High latency

Hi hoping someone can check my connection or offer some advice. I have a Hub 3 hard wired to pc and new PS5. My latency is very high and gaming is pointless. I regret buying the PS5 now.Here is todays BQM

devo1 by Tuning in
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ps5 connection

Hi, I can see that this issue has been posted multiple times on here but there doesnt seem to be a fix.My network isnt letting my ps5 connect to the servers of any games. I have tried changing dns settings, modem mode, factory reset nothing works. Th...

Latency issues

Hi,Looks like I have issues again with my connection with latency spikes causing packet loss to the extent I'm actually seeing freezes and speedup lag on fifa23 on the PS5 which is wired into the hub 3It's been largely inconsistent for a while but su...


Resolved! Fifa 23 lag on PC this week

Hi, this week since Monday or Tuesday, so the 25th/26th of October Fifa has been appalling for me.  I am on the 1GB package with a wired connection and am using a brand new gaming PC on which the game has been just fine and smooth before this week.  ...

Lee_T by On our wavelength
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Can’t connect to EA servers

Hello,I just recently purchased an xbox x and a few EA games. But it seems like I can’t connect to any of the EA servers.Does anyone know why this keeps happening or how to fix this? I’ve already tried a few suggested solutions on forums and youtube ...

Dojo1 by Joining in
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Latancy high ping

I keep getting high ping latency issues every night 5-12pm it’s getting a joke phoned several times they keep saying my network is being upgraded but the date of completion keeps getting extended I wish I never joined you 

Abbeyuk by Joining in
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High Latency / Low Fluctuating Upload Speeds

Hi, I'm currently on Gig1 and have been experiencing poor upload speeds effecting my latency in games for a good few weeks now. I get very repetitive dips into 2-10mbps territory with often dips into 0.5mbps for my upload. My Download speed has been ...

FreeAura by Joining in
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Ping Spikes - Xbox - Help Please

Hi everyone. I'm new here which naturally means only 1 thing, I've had enough of my virgin WiFi.Set up a BQM tonight (as I see everyone asks for this first). Looked at my hub settings and followed what everyone suggested. Went to Microsoft and follow...

Latency, wired connection m500 hub5

I'm having trouble with my Internet, ping and upload/download speeds are fluctuating between high and really high. Very unstable and not at all able to stream via twitch or play my games without really bad lag spikes. I have a newly bought xbox serie...

Gmjay by Joining in
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