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When a game does something it shouldn't

So I see ads for this game state of survival by you tube and was going to give it a try installed fine then it asked for a reboot which I through was odd but did any way before the PC reboot windows said update under way or something and then I had n...

legacy1 by Alessandro Volta
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Online Gaming to bad to play

So we are currently on 1 Gig internet and have been a customer for 3 years, Over the last 2-4 weeks ive renewed my contract be have been having issues streaming and gaming online over the last two weeks, My son is complaining everyday regarding "lag"...

vm packet loss.png

Moving Router Upstairs

Hi,How easy and what is the process of moving the hub 3 upstairs? To enable a wired connection between router and a PlayStation. How does it work in terms of the wire currently going between the hub 3 and the virgin TV box that are both currently tog...

AGDK17 by Joining in
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Constant Ping Spikes

Hi Team,I am having high latency issues which I noticed when gaming but even when testing ping to google. It can average anywhere from 100-600ms after 50 pings. I currently use the router in modem mode, but have tried 2 routers so I would not put it ...


Bad Packet Loss

having bad packet loss for last couple of days randomly started happening seems to be between 5%-30% area faults show no known faults if someone could take a look at my stats and see if theres anything out of spec.have got a BQM setup but will post i...

Exil by On our wavelength
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High Ping on Hell Let Loose (PC).

Hi guys,When joining a UK/EU and the server is around half capacity say 30 players my ping sits around 56. As soon as the server fills up to a 100 my ping shoots up from 88 to 100 and will fluctuate around those and will not drop below. I tried CS So...

aphex187 by On our wavelength
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Regular ping spikes every hour

Hi all,I have been experiencing regular ping spikes to over 1000ms at seemingly regular intervals, occurring about 45mins past the hour, every hour, as can be seen on the BQM below:

whuboy by Tuning in
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loads of errors

I have checked all connections are tight and looked over, where possible, all cables for integrity.I am getting a huge number of errors on the network log.I have tried rebooting and pin hole reset.Hub5 Downstream bonded channelsChannel Frequency (Hz)...

piggo64 by On our wavelength
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