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GTA V Stuttering

Afternoon allI had crazy lag issues around 2 months ago which were sorted but.... GTA V is still stuttering like mad. It's the only game I've got an issue with though, everything else is fine. Now that the next update is out it'd be nice if I could p...

Nutty by On our wavelength
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Hub connected but no internet message

wifi connected, but no internet‎06-01-2020 23:05 - edited ‎06-01-2020 23:06Hi,Having an issue with some wireless devices saying they are connected but have no internet access whilst having a mostly full signal. for instance, my phone and pc will both...

Gurnam by Joining in
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Constant Packet Loss - Virgin Gig1

Hello to anyone who reads this, Since I have taken out a Gig1 package from Virgin, I have experienced constant packet loss on my connection. The issue occurs on a wireless and ethernet connection and presents itself as a momentary freeze, followed by...

GGibbs90 by Tuning in
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Resolved! Games keep disconecting mid match

So for the longest time I've been having this issue where when i am playing a game it'll randomly disconect from the game, not the internet, the game. I will have spotify open in the background and that still plays while my game dissconnects.Secondly...

Can't load messages on Discord

This is happening across multiple devices on my network, both wired and on wifi.None of the text message functions on Discord can connect as of this morning. I get the "messages failed to load" error.My hub is in cable modem mode and I have a separat...

Chronic packet burst on call of duty

Hi all, I have been experiencing packet burst when trying to play call of duty online on PS5 for >2 years now. When it originally started, I had many back and forths over the phone with Virgin which concluded with a technician visit, who couldn't fin...

callym8 by Tuning in
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Ps4 no wifi with hub 5

Hi, recently upgraded to a Virgin hub 5 and the wifi connection is great for all devices all around the house, apart from my ps4, it barely connects to it and when it does the download speed is about 10kbpm and upload is similar, can’t sign into Play...

Anonymous by Not applicable
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