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Lag, latency and packet loss issues

I’ve recently rejoined virgin having moved to a new address in London. Right from the second I moved in, gaming has been impossible, despite a 350mps connection, because of lag (which I think is caused by latency spikes). Have tried a wired connectio...

RK147 by Joining in
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High Latency Issues :(

Hi All.  I see there are a few posts about this topic.  I am having the same issue.  I have just upgraded to the 1GB package and received a new hub5.These are some of the logs.  Hoping someone can help. Many thanks for advice and help.  Downstream bo...

High packet loss

Hi there all, for about a year or two now I have been getting constant packet loss issues with my hub 3 connection. I am using Netduma R2 in Modem mode and still experiencing high packet loss in online shooter games like Cod on my PC. ttps://www.thin...

xl3ombz by On our wavelength
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Resolved! Moved to Virgin yesterday. 2% Packet Loss Apex Legends

So this really sucks and it's made me upset.I was with Sky broadband but I decided to upgrade to Virgin broadband yesterday, I've now got 210 Mbps upload and 30 download which is great, so it's been around 30 hours or so. But ever since I've done tha...

Resolved! High ping spikes and general connection issues

I'm on M350 with SH3.Over the last while I've been experiencing high latency spikes and general connectivity within the house poor. This is making gaming almost unplayable for me and general day-to-day browsing feels sluggish as there's 4 of us using...

Online gaming unplayable

Hi, I see this is a common theme but I'm not sure what to do and looking for some assistance.I have pretty much ever-present (but definitely worse during peak times) issues with the stability of my connection to online games.  What I tend to see is l...

meezoid by Tuning in
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Discord and GTA connection issues

I can no longer access rockstar servers from google search or the actual application. Even for discord I cannot read and send messages on all devices using the same internet connection. When I go on a VPN or switch my router to modem mode then the pr...

MrMop101 by Joining in
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How do I get a wifi pod

In my package it says I’m eligible for WiFi pods but because on my phone I have full bars it doesn’t recommend them we have a loft conversion and my bedroom is in there but my pc connection is very bad when gaming I lag constantly and when I’m watchi...

High latency

Hi All,I've been struggling with high latency for months, maybe even years to be honest. We are on the 600mb package and generally speeds are fine but I have a lot of issues when gaming and I also work from home so Teams calls are also an issue at ti...

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