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Too much lagging. Is my power levels too high?

FYI, i have a hub 5 last time an engineer came in said its the first time his seen the hub 5 and said he will do some work from outside. But i see no changes.Downstream bonded channelsChannel Frequency (Hz) Power (dBmV) SNR (dB) Modulation Channel ID...

ozgurcan by Dialled in
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Latency issues connecting to certain games

Hi everyone,I have a bit of an unusual issue. I have recently moved to a new place and have installed the Virgin Media Hub 4 (1.1 GB/s download according to Samknows).The wifi is generally smooth, however, I have an issue:I am using a few video games...

High Ping of 50-120 ms in Warzone and other games

Hi Team,Short and sweet, my ping is terrible and unplayable at times, every time I run a kit check, it shows no issues, I'm wired into my router and ping continues to get higher and higher and I never have anything below 50 in Warzone.I am on a 1gb p...

iAtlas by Tuning in
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Ping issues

Hi, just moved to Virgin from BT. My Son is a gamer in particular CS:GO, since the move his ping is worse. Any ideas how to improve 

Extremely Bad Ping and Latency

Having extreme ping spikes all day for the past 2 months has made me give up online gaming for the most part as it is impossible to play anything without rubber banding across the screen.Having tried almost every possible fix without prevail the only...

adilt by Tuning in
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MTR packet loss in GuildWars2

Hi, have been playing Guild Wars 2 for a few weeks now and suddenly am getting a reported packet loss, with MTR showing request timed out/no response froom host after 6 pings. Traceroute shows the same result. Game basically breaks to login screen, a...

jubbs by Joining in
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Latency lag and constant packet loss

Recently the Internet has been awful for online gaming atleast 5 times a 15 minute game it gets uncontrollable lag due to packet loss. I have tried everything and it's still just as bad, really does need sorting because it becomes unplayable despite ...

Jackj17 by Just joined
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Lag, latency and packet loss issues

I’ve recently rejoined virgin having moved to a new address in London. Right from the second I moved in, gaming has been impossible, despite a 350mps connection, because of lag (which I think is caused by latency spikes). Have tried a wired connectio...

RK147 by Joining in
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High Latency Issues :(

Hi All.  I see there are a few posts about this topic.  I am having the same issue.  I have just upgraded to the 1GB package and received a new hub5.These are some of the logs.  Hoping someone can help. Many thanks for advice and help.  Downstream bo...