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Packet loss past couple days

Hi, I've been getting random packet loss while playing online games on Gig1 wired connection ethernet and pretty certain it's not on my end, I've rebooted Hub5 still randomly spikes with packet loss and some latency spikes. I've been running a BQM si...

Jackg94 by On our wavelength
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Can't connect to online gaming

Hi, since getting Virgin installed I have been unable to connect to any online games over Wi-Fi on my LaptopNever had this problem with Sky. But I'll load a game up connected to the internet. It'll load up then I won't be able to sign in to the onlin...

Robp282 by Joining in
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High Latency In Every Game. Also some packet loss

Hi, I've been experiencing very high latency recently across all games and devices. I've tried resetting the router and it hasn't changed anything. It's been happening for the past week and apparently, there are no issues in the area on the service s...

Resolved! PS5 no connection via ETHERNET (not a wi-fi issue)

PS5 only will not connect to the internet.Fibre to the cabTwo computers vai ethernet cable - AOKPhone/Tablet via wi-fi- AOKPS5 shows Wired LAN 1 is connected but no Internet connection available.Just switched from BT where had no problems.Any advice?

Omoroi by Joining in
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Terrible connection lately

I really need some help my connection was never the greatest but manageable to some degree but over the last couple of weeks it has become unbearable i mostly use the internet to play games and its unplayable most of the time even at 3am or insert an...

sinriz by Joining in
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Slow upload speeds

Hi everyone. The last few weeks, I have been encountering slow upload speeds at various times of the day, particularly from afternoon to the early hours. My download speed is always around 250mbps which is perfect, but my upload speed, which is suppo...

xPabsy by Joining in
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Connecting Archer VR2800 to Hub 4

I recently bought an Archer router from TP-Link. The intention behind this was to counter some of the issues we've been experiencing with the Hub for over a year. This is only visible during gaming, where the connection seems to do something weird an...

100% Packet loss on Wireless and Wired - Xbox Series X

I got virgin media broadband today.On my PC using I am getting 523MB Download with 0% packet loss on a wired connection. However doing the test network speed statistics on my Xbox Series X I'm getting 593MB Downloa...

Cammeey by Joining in
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