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Constant Packet Burst - Call of Duty

As the subject says - constant packet-burst when playing Call of Duty online. manifests as rubber-banding. Rather annoying. Seems to be regardless of time or day.BQM for Last Saturday:BQM for this Saturday:

Screenshot 2023-05-08 001700.png yesterday.png
dstlny1 by Joining in
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Constant small packet loss

Hi,I'm aware that work has been done in my area today. I am not sure if it is related to my problem though...I've noticed this for the past week or two. Whilst it is nowhere near as bad as my issue last year which went on for over 6 months, the spike...


Latency issue.

Posted before but no obvious solution. Up to yesterday with a lot of changing the DNS, manage to get it down to 17ms for Xbox X console fantastic, now what ever DNS I choose 153ms plus,what the hell is going on and yes I have done everything from unp...

DERF444 by On our wavelength
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Intermittent wifi for 3 months

Looking for help as phone calls get me nowhere so hopefully I get some luck here, my area has been having intermittent connection issues for 3 months now and every time we call which is often we got told that it will be resolved on the 24th of march ...

ScottG99 by Tuning in
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Packet Loss / Lag Spikes

Hello,Hoping some folks can shed some light as to why I'm getting frequent packet loss with Virgin. My broadband speed is 1Gig - superhub 4 connected in modem mode with an Asus Tuf AX5400 router (via ethernet). Have tried factory resetting both the s...


Hard wired, cat 8 cable. Latency is around 30ms. Wireless test gets 14ms. What's going on? When I was with Virgin a couple of years ago on old type of hub I was getting 18ms. How can I fix this. Brand new cable. Tried various DNS. Any clues?

DERF444 by On our wavelength
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