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ping issues

Hello i am using a hub 3 on m500 using an ethernet cable connecting to my pc I game a lot mostly on league of legends and I have noticed that throughout the past few weeks my ping has gotten a lot worse coming from having 20 ping to getting minimum 4...

Shocking service / poor connection

Evening,I initially joined virgin due to advertised connection speeds and rated service. However what I’ve been experiencing for the past 8-12 months is unacceptable. I’m an avid gamer and in my spare time away from work and the family my downtime is...

vekzen by Joining in
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None stop disconnects on Destiny 2

As the title reads.My connection is ridiculously unstable. It's been like this for as long as I can remember. I lag in other games as well. Massive ping spikes, dropped connections and packet loss. The issue with Destiny is that it is far more unforg...

brummyuk by Tuning in
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Teamspeak server

Hi,Has anyone successfully managed to host a team speak server using the super 5? I've updated both the TS server and client software to the most current version I think I've got the port forwarding rules set up correctly but not 100% sure.  I've got...

Avitus by Joining in
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Issues with Broadband M250 and Storage Server

Hello everyone,I'm facing some issues with my broadband M250 and storage server setup [], and I'm hoping someone here can help me out.I recently upgraded to the M250 broadband plan, which promised ...


Hello virgin media my wifi keeps saying can’t connect to wireless network every time I try playing games on my Xbox I constantly lag I have 6 family members connected to the wifi so maybe 13/14 devices connect depends what device they are using could...

Constant extreme jitter

Hi.I'm struggling with constant extreme jitter.please can someone from Virgin media help me.The internet connection is really poor. 

Trandle1 by Joining in
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LAN not connecting on ps5

My Ps5 connects via Wi-Fi and registers the cat6 Ethernet cable but can’t connect to the on any other device connected via wifitried all ports and still nothing

GazC13 by Tuning in
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Go anywhere else if your a gamer! PLEASE!!

10 years I have been using Virgin media internet for gaming. In my parents house, in my Partners Parents house, and now, in my house too. Always swore by the speeds, little did I know! virgin will provide you with download speed, thats it. it will lo...

Anonymous by Not applicable
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