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New development

I have had to move to a more accessible flat due to life altering injuries from an accident. It’s a new development and as I had virgin services in my previous home I double checked with the developers that this site was built with a virgin media con...

Ps4 slow connection

Hi I have the m500 broadband, my ps4 is connected via Wi-Fi like my phones and tablets but is only receiving around 30mbps download and 5-10 upload, my phones and tablets are all in the hundreds, anything I can do?

Resolved! Ps4 pro speed half of other devices

Hi there.I got connected to 1gig fibre yesterday finally after been without internet since the 13th of Sept.Only my pc with ethernet gets 970mbps download 51upload,Same ethernet cable provided by virgin on ps4 pro gives me max 470mbps speed download ...

koukos by Tuning in
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Can't play multiplayer games on Steam

Tried to play a number of multiplayer games on Steam over the last 18 months or so and lots of them just do not work?Civilization, The Forest, Raft, PlateUp just to name a few.They're all P2P style games and for some reason I just cannot connect, I a...

dynamic ip

Short and sweet<3Hi, I want to change my ip on this Vm hub that I bought not long ago. I play a lot of games and my ip is everywhere and it gets leaked all the time. I used to change ips with my ex Hub Talktalk it worked perfectly , I had try to chan...

11edii by Settling in
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Ping Spikes issue

Hi, I have an issue when playing online games. I mainly notice this with Warzone 2.0 I get rubberbanding and Lag. Ive done speed checks on speedtest and It says my ping is 17-20ms and download upstairs is around 500mb. When in game searching for a lo...

Packet loss/spikes RG12 9

Can someone advise when this will be sorted?Your self help shows the fault as we will fix it soon.....?

garymac by Tuning in
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Resolved! Xbox not connecting to online gaming since virgin fibre fitted

Evening all.So,changing to virgin appears to have been a VERY bad move,since installation,among other things,the sons Xbox will not connect to online servers,mainly GTA online and Fortnite to the point of not being able to use it at all.GTA will not ...

St22 by Tuning in
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Inconsistent latency/packet loss etc.

Hi Been noticing more and more weirdness with my connection for a while. Using a third party router with superhub 3 in modem mode as the in-built wifi kept dropping. But now that's solved, there just seems to be a lot of inconsistencies, mainly notic...

sam781 by Tuning in
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Resolved! Gaming Lagging

I’m having trouble with spikes in lag when gaming with PS4 to be precise, 500mb package. I got told a wifi intelligent pod would fix this which it hasn’t, I then received another one which I have plugged in by a cat6 Ethernet cable directly in to the...

Jo30 by Tuning in
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