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Do I have a latency issue?

I was on 250Mbps via a SuperHub 3, but yesterday switched to 1Gbps via Superhub 5.I initially had a bit of a flakey connection, but reconnected the copper cable to the white wall socket that hadn't been tightened by the engineer properly.  Rebooted r...

Resolved! Tp link speed.

Hi have 2gb tp link lan upstairs and down. 1gb speed from hub but only getting 130mb upstairs to computer with 1gb lan board. I've tried all different cat cables highest available but no difference. Any help appreciated. The tower if lan to hub is fi...

stuy28 by Tuning in
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Gaming ping

Hi, I’m curious to know if there is a way to reduce the ping I’m experiencing on my vm broadband connection. My son is a competitive gamer and we seem to get around 26ms response which from what I’ve read is quite average.We have the virgin super hub...

Ps4 slow connection

Hi I have the m500 broadband, my ps4 is connected via Wi-Fi like my phones and tablets but is only receiving around 30mbps download and 5-10 upload, my phones and tablets are all in the hundreds, anything I can do?

Internet spikes, disconnects.

Hello. Can someone explain to me why I have had a problem with losing packets for several months? I'm disconnected from the Internet several times every day? What is the cause and who can help me? The engineer was there probably 5 times. They replace...

Packet Burst Issue

Hello, I am having constant packet burst / packet loss issues when gaming. I have had this for a long time over several different games and have been unable to resovle.

owenj93 by Joining in
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Constant intermittent high latency.

I am so sick of virgin media as a broadband provider. I pay a lot of money for what is supposed to be GOOD reliable internet, and I can not enjoy playing video games in my spare time. It is pretty much unplayable. This is almost as bad if not worse t...

Aedrothica by On our wavelength
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Ps5 slow upload ip fragmentation

I am getting really sick if vm, I've been waiting for over a week for help and nothing the issue is still not fixed even after an engineer. I pay for 1Gig but on ps5 I get 10mbps upload if I'm lucky, ip packet fragmentation, on xbox I get packet loss...

JamieB1 by Tuning in
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