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Intermittent internet and packet loss HUB 4

HelloThis has been going on for a month now but it has got even worse recently. Mainly in the evenings, but not exclusively, I'm getting high latency and packet bursts in World of Warcraft, but also in just general internet browsing/video playback.A ...

PlayStation network Access Denied

HiMy PlayStation Network is saying access denied, but if I turn off WiFi it's ok on my phoneI keep hearing about changing ip address, but how do you do it?Alan

Weird Packet Loss Issue

Hi Everyone,I have the HUB 5 and I play a lot of warzone 2. However when I plug my ethernet into one of the normal 1GB ports I get massive packet loss in-game.But when I plug the ethernet cable into the 2.5GB slot. I don't have any packet loss or ver...

Constant packet burst issue

I have been dealing with a constant packet burst issue while gaming this happens mainly in Call of Duty titles but I have also experienced it in another title as well.I have set up a BCM here:

SClark90 by Joining in
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Connection issues with VRChat (RG crash, Packet loss?)

When playing VRChat I will consistently be unable to receive any in game notifications.Also on joining any high population instances, my router will almost immediately crash statingCable Modem Reboot due to RG crash SpoilerNetwork LogTime Priority De...

Problems with latency

Hello, I've been having broadband problems for like 3 weeks already and it's getting to a point where I don't even know what to do anymore. Tried the service status on the virgin media website (it says we can't see any issues affecting your zone, but...

Blitax by Tuning in
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Intermittent but sometimes constant packet loss

The main game i can see this on is Apex, just constant jitters/missed inputs.I have tried a different console, pc, wireless, wired, changed cables, restarted/ reset the router, even had an engineer out to install a brand new router to no avail. any o...

Sean93 by Joining in
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Constant ping spikes and low internet speeds

Over the last week or so my internet has been awful, during the evenings I get constant ping spikes which makes gaming unbearable.My package should give me around 250mb but I'm lucky to receive 10mb at the moment. Nothing has changed within my house,...

Cant play online multi player games or join parties

Hi All,I have been with virgin nearly 2 years and never had any problems with my internet or gaming.My router hub 3 gave up on life the other week and virgin replaced it for me with a hub 5 since getting this hub 5 i can not play any games online wit...