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High packet loss

Can I please get some VM staff support here please?Since this morning, I've been experiencing unbearably high pings and general issues with connection stability. I ran a few ping tests to BBC and a foreign website. Both returned ~40% lost packets.Thi...

Screenshot 2022-12-18 213859.png Screenshot 2022-12-18 214903.png
Orlas by Joining in
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PS4 connection lost

Hi we keep trying to join in a game on fortnite and it says connection lost, checking the status the upload speed is only 8.4. We are not technical so other post suggesting splitting Mgh, we don't know how to do! Many thanks

Ccluer by Just joined
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Continued issues

Posted here before with packet loss did all steps listed and talked to support who affirmed me that there was work being done and the problem would be solved. Soon after, I had insane latency and packet loss will post here with examples but not quite...

think test.png
Cleeboos by Tuning in
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PS5 Connection issues

Hi all, Have been speaking to Virgin Customer Services now for about a week and a half having called 4 separate times about an issue with connection speeds and high latency.  With my contract, I should be receiving a minimum of 107 mbps, but each tim...

connorp7 by Tuning in
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My wifi and PSN (PlayStation Network)

I noticed the other thread about this with the ticket number F010146436, which has apparently be resolved. However, I actually only started getting issues myself today. This is affecting all my Playstation consoles. but regardless if I try to do anyt...

kfccaleb by Joining in
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GTA V Stuttering

Afternoon allI had crazy lag issues around 2 months ago which were sorted but.... GTA V is still stuttering like mad. It's the only game I've got an issue with though, everything else is fine. Now that the next update is out it'd be nice if I could p...

Nutty by On our wavelength
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Hub connected but no internet message

wifi connected, but no internet‎06-01-2020 23:05 - edited ‎06-01-2020 23:06Hi,Having an issue with some wireless devices saying they are connected but have no internet access whilst having a mostly full signal. for instance, my phone and pc will both...

Gurnam by Joining in
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