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Connecting Issue for a specific game

Hello. I'm having a connection issue with a specific game called Epic Seven. The internet connection is working for everything else, browsing, other games, Youtube etc all work fine except this one game. I have already contacted customer support for ...

Bigmac85 by Joining in
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Post RS Errors

Hi I'm experiencing high levels of Post RS Error which i causing lot of buffering on videos and gaming is unplayable at times its really annoying  this has only started happening in the last 2 months, happens on both router and modem mode. On Gig1 Fi...

Web capture_17-9-2023_17947_192.168.100.1.jpeg Web capture_17-9-2023_17115_192.168.100.1.jpeg
Shaf786 by On our wavelength
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Ps5 is blocked by Internet supplier.

Around a week ago my ethernet connection from my ps5 just stopped working, I have a cat cable and has worked fine (allbeit very laggy for the 1gig connection) up till that day. I suspected a cable fault, so I change cables, same result, same error wa...

High Latency/Ping spikes

High ping spikes across all devices, including 3 different computers connected via ethernet. Gaming is impossible, had 5-6 engineers visit home over an almost 2 year span. Not fixed the issue.  Ping to 2nd hop (VM) server results - This happens consi...

nwd1 by Joining in
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Latency Spikes & Packet Loss

I recently switched to Virgin Media (3 Months ago) and I am on the M250 package. Openreach offer speeds of around 30 - 70 Mbps in my area so almost everyone here is inclined to using Virgin Media.I've been using Virgin Media to mostly play games and ...

Jose3 by Joining in
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What is going on?

My internet is working but my Xbox and Lg tv will not connect to it? Everything else is connected but my tv and Xbox won’t iv tried everything resetting, unplugging, Ethernet cable, wireless nothing is letting me connect?

Danny117 by Joining in
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Packet burst / High ping

I've noticed for the past 3 weeks or so I am getting very high ping and packet burst when online gaming.My setup is: Virgin Media Hub in Modem Mode wired into Deco M4R to create a mesh net (this was recommended by a VM Tech back in Jan 2021) and solv...

Packet Loss and high latency

Hi,I've had issues over the last few days with high latency and packet loss. I've tried resetting, router mode but I have the same issue. This is very noticeable when making video calls and it has cut off a couple of times. Can someone please look at...

fjama13_0-1694891875013.png fjama13_6-1694892078438.png
fjama13 by On our wavelength
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