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Mw2 geographical region not right

Hi When on mw2 on xbox when I look at network info in game it says my external ip geographical region is sunbury on thames.But it's been like that for 4 daysIt's always been west Bromwich and even though it says I've got 15 ping in game its playing l...

Still haven’t received Xbox s

Hi,I received my email confirming delivery of Xbox on 2/6 but it still hasn’t arrived. I called virgin twice but they have been no help at all. Can someone here help please? 

JamesN80 by Joining in
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Packet loss

Seeing packet loss going to any external IP in any region. Noticed a problem playing games on a Paperspace\Parsec machine. Pings to or Paperspace data centre IPs are showing dropped requests.I'm in the south Leeds area.

dale6 by Just joined
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Insane ping variation, Again. for the fourth time

Hi, having issues with consistent ping again, this isnt the first time ive had this issue with Virgin. i have rest the router count...

Gaming PC slow on WIFI at 25 mbps on 1.1 GB Fibre, Help !!

Hi Friends,I am on volt Gig 1 fibre BB. I am not able to play online games on my gaming PC as the wifi speed is dropping to 25-45 mbps. There is no way I can use ethernet from Virgin router to my PC. Any help or suggestions to increase wifi is welcom...

SanB12 by Tuning in
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Xbox series x teredo issue

I have been having this issue out of the blue for weeks, my xbox worked fine before. I cannot join xbox parties and my nat type doesn't show or says unknown. Whenever I "test NAT type" I get the error message "can't get teredo IP address" this means ...

W322A by Joining in
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Download speed throttled?

Hi, just updating Fortnite via Xbox and just like the last update I started with 600Mbps up to about just below 1gig of download. Then slows to 40-80Mbps.  If I pause and wait a few secs and restart, download is then between 200-300Mbps. What is the ...

Oxo29 by Dialled in
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Packet loss and high/erratic ping

Since Sunday the 18th I've been getting up to 20% packet loss and my pings been all over the place at what looks like peak times. I know this is the gaming support forum but it's the only one that mentions connection issues so apologies if this is th...

Chez92 by Dialled in
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Lagging when gaming with Ethernet cable

Hi, we used to be with sky broadband getting 50Mbson a good day. Switched to virgin media 2 months back and now getting a steady 330-370Mbs.My hub is next to my TV so I have a Ethernet cable from the hub to my Xbox. I’m having spotty issues with in g...

larana by Joining in
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