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PS5 IP packet fragmentation

I recently got the Hub 5 which was entirely freshly installed, and it was great. However, the past few days I've experienced extreme lag and packet loss when gaming and my upload speed is minimal. I get the 1g package and my download speed is usually...


Constant packet loss that has been going on for months

Yeah so I've written about this many times and still nothing has been done to solve the problem, absolutely nothing has been said.Every now and then i'll get packet loss so bad that it is impossible to play any games i've done everything said except ...

ehmz_ by Tuning in
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Ps5 ip packet fragmentation

I have had an engineer come out a month or 2 ago for this issue I gave it some time to see if it will be fixed, I am still seeing your router may not support ip packet fragmentation on ps5 speed tests I don't seem to be lagging, but in the tests it s...

JamieB1 by Tuning in
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Network Lag while gaming

Hi All. Over the last few days I've been getting continuous "network lag" warnings while online gaming (ethernet connection). Looking at some of the gaming forums this seems to be a wider issue with the common denominator that they all have Virgin Br...

MW2 packet loss

getting constant packet loss with mw2 and before you say its a cod issue its not as others on different ISP are not getting it. My friend who joined Virgin from FTTP 2 days ago is getting it and is cancelling his line as its that bad. 

locky1 by Dialled in
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Intermittent Packet Loss

Hi Basics -Upto 250MB down / 25Mb UpRouter - Netgear XR700 (SH3 Used as a Modem) (No QOS Enabled)Fault -For a few weeks now I keep having intermittent packet loss. I have replaced different cables to check if the problem is CPE but this hasn't worked...

PS5 doesn't connect to internet on boot - Have to wait

Hi,Apologies if this has been discussed elsewhere but I couldn't find anything.My issue is my PS5 usually takes anywhere from 5 to 10 minutes to establish a connection to the internet and PS Network. I have a wired cable but this also happens on WiFi...

apex legends packet loss 2-8%

Hi .since im having virgin broadband apex legends is unplayable. massive packet loss. I read loads of topics on forum and only one person had it sorted by upgrading router to hub 4. Before anyone ask yes I switched firewall off and yes im using ether...

neopiotr by Tuning in
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Huge Ping and packet loss

Over the last 10 days we have been suffering from extremely high ping timeouts, up to 600ms and extensive packet loss. This is not only making gaming impossible due to game lag or even being booted out of games on both PC and consoles, but is also af...

Resolved! Moving to BT FTTP

After years of suffering gaming on VM with its inherent latency issues (DOCSIS). The price increase announced today has finally given me a free out, coupled with great offers on BT FTTP 500 right now, I decided to ditch virgin and switch. 3rd April w...

darmo by Up to speed
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