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Unstable Ping and packet loss (BQM and logs provided)

im here again with some more network issues from my area. ive provided the BQM and router logs. it was noticeably bad tonight. Time Priority Description01-10-2023 22:27:14critical16 consecutive T3 timeouts while trying to range on upstream channel 3;...


Unbearable latency, lag spikes & packet loss for 1.5 weeks

Hello,For about 1.5 weeks (coincidentally, since VM completed essential maintenance in my local area) I have been experiencing packet loss, constant lag spikes and high latency. I am on M350 package, I use a wired connection, but gaming with these is...

ZergRush by On our wavelength
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Constant disconnects and buffering over last 24 hours

Really struggled to get much done whilst gaming or even whilst working this last few days. I have no clue what the attached image is telling me, but after reading a quick guide on what my graph should look like, this doesn't look right at all. Contac...

davey767 by Joining in
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Packet loss issues that have been lasting for months

Well, I'm back on here ranting about the poor internet that virgin media provide. It seems like one week I have no issues and then out of nowhere back to packet loss issues that do not allow me to play any games. Not only does this stop me from playi...

ehmz__0-1695756196552.png ehmz__1-1695756255003.png
ehmz_ by Tuning in
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Packet loss/Latency issues

Good afternoon,For the past few days I've been having issues with packet drops and high latency spikes. I've only just started to run a BQM this morning and have attached the results so far, but the issue has gradually been getting worse and it's hin...


Internet Crash whilst playing Warzone

I've recently moved from BT to Virgin media. I am using the 1GB service and constantly finding that whenever I play warzone I suffer from major packet loss. This happens sporadically for anywhere between 4-8 seconds, causing enough delay to make me d...

Connecting Issue for a specific game

Hello. I'm having a connection issue with a specific game called Epic Seven. The internet connection is working for everything else, browsing, other games, Youtube etc all work fine except this one game. I have already contacted customer support for ...

Bigmac85 by Joining in
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Post RS Errors

Hi I'm experiencing high levels of Post RS Error which i causing lot of buffering on videos and gaming is unplayable at times its really annoying  this has only started happening in the last 2 months, happens on both router and modem mode. On Gig1 Fi...

Web capture_17-9-2023_17947_192.168.100.1.jpeg Web capture_17-9-2023_17115_192.168.100.1.jpeg
Shaf786 by On our wavelength
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Ps5 is blocked by Internet supplier.

Around a week ago my ethernet connection from my ps5 just stopped working, I have a cat cable and has worked fine (allbeit very laggy for the 1gig connection) up till that day. I suspected a cable fault, so I change cables, same result, same error wa...