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Constant intermittent high latency.

I am so sick of virgin media as a broadband provider. I pay a lot of money for what is supposed to be GOOD reliable internet, and I can not enjoy playing video games in my spare time. It is pretty much unplayable. This is almost as bad if not worse t...

Aedrothica by On our wavelength
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Ps5 slow upload ip fragmentation

I am getting really sick if vm, I've been waiting for over a week for help and nothing the issue is still not fixed even after an engineer. I pay for 1Gig but on ps5 I get 10mbps upload if I'm lucky, ip packet fragmentation, on xbox I get packet loss...

JamieB1 by Tuning in
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High Latency

hi guys i only ever seem to see lag and high latency on games (warzone) in paticular i have had a new lined pulled, ive don e everything i can see online but nothing ever works can anyone reccomend anything? logs are below (Let me know if its the rig...

PlayStation 5 Upload Speed Very Slow

I recently purchased a PlayStation Portal (streaming handheld) and have not been able to use it because my PS5 console upload speed is too slow to maintain a connection.My Virgin Media hub is in modem mode, connected to an Asus GT-AX6000 router. A sp...

cdvm by Tuning in
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i need to speak to customer service in uk,  customer service offshore i have lots problem they keep cut me off this week 3 times  and on phone lots noise,  and imake a complain in October  i had no respond . my contract end in January, no respond, th...

dom8 by Tuning in
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Packet Loss and High Ping - Like many others!!!

Ok so I thought it was just me but after reading posts on these forums and Reddit it looks like it’s a wide scale issue.I’m getting high ping and packets loss of around 80% at times, some games drop connection completely other times they just lag and...

TR4KERZ by Tuning in
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Disconnections, huge packet loss every night

Hi all,I've recently been seeing way more disconnections and packet loss over the last month or so following my renewal of contract. This happens to all wired devices on the network at the same time doesn't seem to be centered around peak times eithe...

DSearle by Joining in
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